Dollar Treejudi miles / head manager

I was hired as part time, I put my availableity in and she did not acknowledge my application at all. She gave me hours and removed them without telling me. She works off clock, before the store opens. When she knows corporate is coming that day, otherwise she does not do her job. She doesn't train the employees. She's very rude.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Saint Helens, ORShe treats her employees like garbage, and it's not fair! I work my butt off and get treated like crap. I put in my two weeks on April 30th because I could not handle her anymore. I feel that she should no longer work there or get demoted. Our store looks empty and this is why. For being in the position she is in, she is very rude to our customers. We get complaints all the time. I know this could be a better store if upper management would take the time to address these issues.
Jessica Doll

May 17, 2017

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