Dollar Tree / I am complaining about customer service unethical behavior by, one of the employee namely lydia brooks.

On Thursday, May 24, 2018 I, Mable E. Wright entered Dollar Tree located @ 1270 John C. Calhoun Drive, Orangeburg, Sc 29115 to purchase item as I normally do. There were two cashiers in the store and several customers. The line was rather lengthy as only one register was opened. Ms. Brooks was blowing up balloons (3) for a customer. A customer ahead of me asked, "Can you open the other register due to the long line?"
Ms. Brooks replied, " I am blowing up balloons and if you can't wait then leave." I was appalled that those words would come out of an employee's mouth. I felt as a customer it was time to speak up on the negativity of the response. First, I stated she wasn't the owner or part of the franchise to offer such an unltermantim. Furthermore, if it wasn't for the customers patronizing Dollar Tree, she wouldn't have a job. In the meantime Ms. Brooks completed her task(Blowwing up 3 balloons, but didn't open up the register). The other cashier, Mr. Chester reassured the customers he was working as fast as he could to asst. us. However, Ms. Brooks called Orangeburg Police Department on me (Mable E. Wright) to report I was disorderly and was asked to leave the premises. Upon arrival, law enforcement asked for my ID which I eagerly obligated and requested I give them my vision of what transpired.
After I stated the above, they further questioned several customers and they concurred with the above. Ms. Brooks acted in an irate, unprofessional manner, and caused me embarrassement that was unnecessary. I am a law abiding educator that adheres to all aspects of the law, however, this was indeed a waste of tax payers money and the policemen time. They advised me to fill out a complaint, which is what I had intended on doing.
The following day, I contacted the manager, Ms. Carolyn Woodruff to inform her of the previous day's events. She was sympathic to the situation and very apologetic. Ms. Brooks must be taught how to be professional and practice self- control. Also not to abuse the law enforcement for minor issue- when a customer stands up and voice opposition to negative remarks by an employee.
I am contemplating legal actions- this has left a bad taste in my mouth. Never have I been accused of disruption or disorderly conduct. I always want to be a role model for my students yet standing up (free speech) when people are being taken advantage of.

May 28, 2018

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