Dollar Tree / horrible customer service at store #6257

I visited store#6257 today and was experienced horrible customer service from one of your employees. I know her name started with a the letter D(she was an older hispanic lady), and when I asked who l who's the manager, I was told but by another employee that she was. Anyways, first when I asked her where an item was in the store, she act like she didn't want to answer me, so I asked her again and she rudely told me where I could find the item. Second, there was a bit of a long line so she came up to check help check out. So I walked over to her line with my 4 items in hand, and her pushed my stuffed back and rudely said she was next in line and reached around my stuff and started ringing someone else up, so I went back to the previous line, and after she finished her line and saw I was still waiting in the other line, she just walked away. This is not the first time I've experienced rude behavior from particular employee, she always have a bad attitude and act like she hates her job. I was very surprised to know she was a manager, being that she should be an example to others. I live close to this dollar tree and I'm there often, however customer service plays a major factor in where I shop and spend my money. So I wanted to bring this problem to your attention because I know this isn't the Dollar Tree brand way of treating their customers.

Nov 19, 2017

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