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I went into your store # 02351, 2601 oakdale rd modesto 95355. I was an assistant manager there for 4 years. The management there set me up to be fired supposedly "falsifying documents". I had complained multiple times to Regina the store manager about being harrassed many times by Todd & she told me to avoid him or "ask why hes feeling that way today". I was shown one piece of paper I made a mistake on & ended up being fired. Anyway I've been in there several times since then (each time lucky enough to go when Todd was not working) & have purchased whatever I go in for. I have a clean background & don't steal. Todd Wallace the assistant manager there, the one who I had complained about harassing me when employed there, was the one closing the store. My daughter is almost 3 years old & wanted to wander around. After about 15 minutes Todd comes up to me telling at me to leave that I don't need to make him follow me around. I came in with money to purchase a barbie & a couple snacks with food stamps. Instead I was harrassed & screamed at in front of my 3 year old who was freaked out & almost in tears. I had a couple things in my hands I was going to buy for her, but since he was on my heels yelling at me making a scene in front of other customers being as embarrassing as possible, I picked up my daughter & walked out. I still find it classy corporate allows their employees to act in such a way to this day. He use to do that to me when I was on the clock to, in front of customers, & Regina saw absolutely no problem with it. I shouldn't be surprised at the behavior after everything especially since almost everyone Regina hires either is a meth addict or recovering meth addict.

Jun 05, 2018
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      Jun 05, 2018

    I admit that I have made some mistakes myself, one day Todd was treating me so badly that I lied and said that he was tried to force himself on me and kissed me, and put his hand under my shirt to get him into trouble, but nothing was done about it because other employees sided with him. They were questioned and said nothing happened. The are saying that I am harassing Todd. Todd is nothing but a crack addict and alcoholic. He beats his wife if he is married. Everyone hates him. Even my daughter is scared of him because he is so ugly. But because I made one mistake and lied about Todd, they made false documents to have me fired.

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      Jun 05, 2018

    @WikidWoIf Lol, I don't know if this is hacking or what, but that never happened. He never forced himself on me & I don't make false accusations. Especially sexual [censored] like that. That ruins lives. The rest however is true. I don't need to lie, todd himself is the only proof there needs to be.

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