Dollar Tree / employees of the dollar tree in delhi township: rhonda and eric

Cincinnati, OH, United States
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Yesterday on May 17, 2017: I went into the Dollar Tree to purchase 2 Bags of Cheese Doodles and 2 Brushes. When I went to the cashier line the cashier Eric reeked of alcohol. I could tell that he's been drinking, so much so, that Eric rung me up wrong. For the 2 Bags of cheese doodles, Eric the cashier rung me up for 1 Bag of cheese doodles, I paid the e.b.t. for the 2 bags of cheese doodles he rung me up for 3 hairbrushes and I only purchased 2, so Eric called his manager over her name is Rhonda because he realized that he rung me up wrong for 3 hairbrushes and I only purchased 2. Rhonda said that I had to pay $3.21 cents for the rest of the items. I said how? with the e.b.t. I should only be $2.00 for the 2 Bags of cheese doodles and I know that it's .07 cents on the dollar far as tax wise so I should on be paying $2.14 cents for 2 hair brushes and you are suppose to charge me $1.00 for the other bag of cheese doodles. Rhonda the manager yelled out we don't give change in food stamps trying to get a laughter reaction from the other customers then she said that I had a ### attitude which made me really angry. I said to her it's not my fault that your cashier rung me up wrong and she said you are right, I asked what the her supervisor name is she said Shawntae and she said Shawntae or Corporate will not do anything to her and maybe she's right I've been trying to get in touch with corporate since yesterday. I have not gotten a return call or none today. I drove from state to another that's how long I was on hold and never got to talk to a person at all this is so frustrating if someone could call me at [protected]. Thank-You.

May 18, 2017

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