Dollar Treeemployees

I was in your store yesterday. There was a black lady with her small children blocking the path where you couldn't get by her. A older white man told her. " get your fat ass out of the way. ". Than a older white lady started yelling at him. The cussing than started from the man and white lady. The employees were watching not doing anything about it. I was scared that it was going to turn into a type of violence. I asked the employee to check me out and I left. I felt that YOUR STORE did nothing to protect the customer and the children. I think the cops should of been called and the man escorted out. There is a lot of crazy people and it could of turned out bad. I'm really disappointed in the way YOUR employees let him talk to the lady. I was offended and I'm sure everyone else was.
Thank you Debbie.
Ps I will shop at your store again but not anytime soon.

Jul 31, 2018

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