Dollar Tree / employees attitude and dress apparel

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Every time I would enter the store, I would get a very rude hello. And the cashiers would be leaving the office. And as soon as they were done dealing with a customer they would bolt back in to the office and grab their personal phones. Cheyenne, and Abigail are a good one for that. Abigail and Cheyenne would wear these skin tight leggings that would show everything. And that is very disgusting and wear non-uniform attire like a black hoodie instead of the traditional green shirt. Store 3225 has gone down hill for the last couple years. The only thing that would make me want to go back was the kind male cashier that would help out no matter what was going on. But once I heard he was leaving, I have no other reason to keep shopping at this rude store. I can get rudeness at any other store. Hopefully the staff will change for the better.

Mar 27, 2017

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