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My name is Kimba Edwards and I am very upset. On this evening around 8:00 pm myself and my 6y/o son went to dollar tree
North Decatur Square
Store #1031
2863 A N. Decatur Road
Decatur, GA [protected]
I shop at Dollar Tree very often because its convenient and my sons loves to get items from there for good behavior. On tonight I stopped into this store and my son went to the toy aisle as he always does. He started playing with toy helicopters like 2 or 3 in the beginning of the aisle. I walked away and went to the next aisle. A few minutes later I heard a female voice saying. Did you take all those toys out? I then heard my son say No I only took these out. I proceeded to walk to the toy aisle because I knew my son was on that aisle and it was possible she was talking to my son. I asked what the problem was and Mrs Ann, who was the worker walked off and was talking saying pick all this stuff up she was just on that aisle and that stuff wasn't in the floor. I told Mrs Ann that he didn't put all that stuff in the floor and it was only playing with the stuff that he had in his hand. Mrs Ann was on the next aisle and she was still talking towards my son saying you did take those toys out you telling a lie. So of course I got heated at this point and I began to raise my voice telling Mrs Ann to not continue to talk about the issue especially since my son was picking up the toys even the ones that he didn't take out. Mrs Ann was very rude towards a 6 year old and I felt she should have addressed me instead of my 6 year old son. My son began to cry the manager came over and Mrs Ann told the manager to go ahead and write her up and that she didn't care. I told Mrs Ann she shouldn't work a customer service job is she couldn't show good customer service. The manager consoled my son and bought him a toy, which was nice of her. Mrs Ann still continued to speak so I asked the manager for her last name and nobody knew suddenly. So I asked for the store #. In the process of the arguing a guy and his son who seemed to be Korean or Chinese came to pick up toys and they were speaking in their language. My thoughts were that it was him who took the other toys out. The other workers at the store asked me to calm down and that stated that Mrs Ann is always like that about her toy aisle. I understand her wanted a clean area but she took it too far especially speaking to a 6 yo like that. I don't even talk to my son like that. I always teach him to be honest no matter of the consequences. Mrs Ann is very mean and rude. I feel as if she shouldn't work there. I will not be going back to that store as long as she works there. I feel that cameras should be reviewed so that it will be noted that my son didn't take those other toys out. I am so upset right now because Mrs Ann made a routine that I constantly do with my son seem bad. If I cant protect my son then who will. Signed an upset customer

Apr 29, 2017
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  •   Apr 30, 2017

    I stopped reading after you leaving your kid to make a mess of the toy aisle. It is damn rude to let your kid play with things in stores BEFORE you pay for them. The store is NOT a playground. You seriously need to learn some manners and you need to teach your kid some too.

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