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Dollar Tree / dollar tree customer service store # 662

Dec 12, 2017
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On December 6, 2017 my boss gave me $20 to go buy Christmas decorations for the office and before I went to pick up my father from dialysis, I stopped by the Dollar Tree at 4981 Cal Sag Road, Crestwood, IL 60445 and bought $19.80 worth of items. I grabbed the bag that was on the side (since it was only one bag there), Theresa the cashier then gave me my 20 cent change and receipt. I left and didn't think nothing of it because I assumed that everything was in the bag. The next day I got to my office to start decorating when I noticed I only had 9 items only and was missing 10 items form my receipt. I called the store and a female told me that no one had left any bags in the office so she said that I would have to call back around 3pm to see if the manager can look at the video cameras to see what was going on. I gave them the cashiers name and told them that the time on the receipt was 5:51pm and I was wearing a red coat so they can see in the video who I was and that I only had grabbed one bag. I called back at 3pm and the manager said that she would have to check the video and to give her about 30 minutes in which she will call me back. Two and a half hours passed and no calls so I called back and the manager had picked up and stated, "I haven't even been able to get out this register to even look at it so it's going to have to wait until tomorrow so one of the other managers can look at it and then call you back." It's already 12/12 and I haven't received any calls from anyone. I tried calling 5 times now while I'm at work and now no one is trying to answer my calls. I know it's only like $10 worth of items but still it's the principle that counts. I don't know what happened to that bag, all I know is that the cashier did not place 2 bags on the side, it was only one (which I grabbed) and maybe she just made that mistake of not taking out the bag rack as she was placing them in the bag and I know how extremely busy the dollar tree can be at this time of year but still you don't treat customers like this. You just don't forget to follow up with a complaint, question, or concern. Since it's obvious that no one over there is bothered to even check what happened to my bag (WHICH BY THE WAY I HAD NO CHOICE BUT TO GIVE MY BOSS $10 BECAUSE OF THIS) I have decided to write this complaint. $10 might not be so much for you people, but for a single mom with 2 kids (one with down syndrome) that lives pay check to pay check, means a lot to me. I think your employees which include those managers needs better training in customer service.
You can reach me at r1983rodriguez@yahoo.com and my name is Rose


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It’s your job to check that you have all your items.
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You’ve learned a hard lesson about checking your bags. If your child is ill, there are assistance programs out there. It’s awful your child isn’t healthy but that isn’t part of this story. We all have issues at home that cost money. It’s not an excuse for not paying attention. You watch your items being rung up, then being packed. Common sense.
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@SubSquirrel Down Syndrome is not an illness it is s developmental disability. Though you are right she should have checked the bags. Clearly she would have noticed that most of the items were missing even if she did not check the bags.
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I know. I realized what I posted but no edit button. I was thinking ‘developmentally delayed’ or ‘disabled’.

I learned to check bags as I once bought a leather coat. Got home and inside was a cloth coat. Returned it but I’d bought a cloth coat two weeks earlier so it looked like a switch. Mom asked for store camera footage; they refused. Took me at 17 to court. Court ordered the footage be shown and it showed the clerk switching coats. Dismissal, apology and coat exchanged, plus $500 gift card as apology. Clerk claimed error, I claimed she should be fired.

A month later she was charged with theft. She had been doing similar things to others undetected. Higher priced item returned under an alias. Fraud got her two years jail and probation.

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