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Dollar Tree / customer service

1 East windsor, CT, United States Review updated:

Hi... I need to contact the highest person at dollar tree if possible. Im writing about complaints I have had to make against the local store that I go to off and on in east windsor. I love shopping there but the manager there is.. Well... For lack of more colorful and deserving words, rude as heck and just creepy. A woman named april runs the store currently and I think someone needs to have her written up or suspended, or fired if need be. Few weeks ago I was shopping there and she started following me around from aisle to aisle, arms folded, etc... Staring at me like I was some nuisance or just like some [censor] ahead of her that wouldnt move. I was feeling very violated and creeped out so I asked her to stop, she said "no sorry cant do that boss gave permission to follow u.. Blah blah" not exact words but what I can remember. I know the district manager darren, would not allow this, and if he did, that is really really wrong and bad judgement. I was so upset I had to call and have a cop come over cuz thought she was harassing me. I am sorry I did, but it was necessary at the time. No manager or employee should be allowed to follow or stalk someone down each aisle like a predator so they cant shop in peace. The next time ti happened and I had to speak to a cop, they said she said... Not her words mind u.. So I cant say I believe anyone... That "she thinks you have a history of shoplifting there." excuse me??! I was so upset again I was crying my eyes out in the freezing cold trying to talk someone that was attempting to get me to relax, just standing there, and then on my way home alone. Now I am just really angry. She wanted to try and ban me from her store cuz she thinks I have a history of shoplifting. I dont. Never have been accused of anything there by anyone.. Never been arrested or anything either. Im not perfect but just being honest. This has to stop. I want to go back to that store and shop in peace. She doenst like me so I know this is just some personal vendetta of hers and it has to stop now. Please.,... Could someone call me so we can speak about this an maybe someone would be on my side?? No one at the dt facebook page will even respond.. Very rude and lazy. Cell is [protected]. Pls dont give it out or just call an not leave a number. If I dont answer pls leave a proper number for me to call back. Thank you. Im sorry to bother about this but I deserve to go back an shop in peace and not be harassed. I always go there, browse, if I see something I like, I pay for it and go. If I dont, I leave with nothing and just go home or elsewhere. Pls.. Someone take my side. Tyvm

Mar 10, 2018
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  • Bu
      16th of Aug, 2018
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    You called the police because an employee was watching you? Wow.

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