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I'm 4/15/17 I entered your store while on my cell phone with a friend, upon shopping an older white lady approached me upset and chewing me out for parking in a handicap space, I was first very shocked and told her to not judge a book by it's cover and told her to get away from me because she was in my personal space and getting closer to me as she continued to verbally attack me so I engaged in a short argument saying I will admit 1 curse word and that prompted her to walk away but still hollering through the store she passes Carol your manager and as I'm telling her to go away Carol verbally attacked me with the the angry lady. I was appalled as I tried to explain to Carol whom heard the entire assault that I was being verbally assaulted and her reply was to tell me to shut up and that she doesn't care other shoppers verbaverbalized their dislike of how Carol was handling the issue also. I explained to Carol that she was treating me unfairly I'D HAVE SETTLED FOR TELLING US BOTH TO BE QUIET and Carol retriretrieved a phone and I thought that she was calling for help with the entire situation but I then found that she was calling on me, all of this going on and the angry lady was still hollering slurs as she walked out of the store. I decided that I wouldn't spend $50 bucks in a store that not only didn't protect me as a customer but also joined in on the assault I LEFT MY ITEM'S IN THE STORE. I walked out to my vehicle and the angry lady was standing at my car waiting on me how appalling..she really got belligerent outside and I demanded that she removed herself from my vehicle and as I look up Carol is outside also hollering slurs at me, I did not reply but removed myself from the situation completely by driving away. It is unbelievable that still in this world of many different colors, many sexuality, an array of DIFFERENCE but acceptance that I am still being judged and mistreated because of my color and even more appalling that I was discriminated against because I DON'T "LOOK" DISABLED ! I have over 30 different disabilities that attack my nerves in my body, eyesight, hearing, ability to walk and a lot more. I possess a disabled parking sticker that was in my vehicle window at eyesight on the day of the assault and which has to be approved by a physician in order to qualify for it. I did not break any laws nor did I come to engage in a negative conversation with anyone. I was minding my own business. I just came to your Dollar Tree at 2710 S. Harvard Ave Tulsa 74114 to supply my needs as I've been doing for the past 6 year's and your staff has always been very polite and we've actually had some really nice conversations and have been helpful to each other at times and that's why I was very surprised by the way that I was treated by your staff and manager Carol as well as the angry lady that started all of the messamess and whom I had never seen in my entire life. I'm writing this complaint this late because I really tried to let it go but as I spoke to a para friend and I was reminded that I couldn't, I couldn't let it pass because I'd be hurting other handicapped people that doesn't look like they're disabled and I'd be going against everything that I believe in and that I myself work hard for, you see my profession is to advocate and help the disabled, I've been in this field for 13 year's if I was to walk away with very hurt feelings and victimized I'd be failing other's that will enter your store and be treated as I did. My friend was a witness to the entire assault and also encouraged me to not allow this to go unnoticed. I really hope that you pull your film from that day and view it and that Carol is not only reprimanded for her unacceptable assault but retrained on her managerial position focusing on discrimination against all indifference, while at work you like everyone but when you're in the confinement of your own home it's your prerogative to do and act as you like

May 3, 2017

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