Dollar Tree / customer service

Yesterday afternoon around 1:30-2, my mom went shopping at Dollar Tree located in Thousand Oaks, CA on N Moorpark Rd for supplies for my little sister's birthday today. As the cashier was ringing my mom up, the store's phone rang and the cashier picked it up and the caller was asking if a certain item was in stock. The cashier then had the phone between on her ear with the support of her shoulder and had asked the manager who was across the store at the time if they had the item in stock and the manager had said no. When the cashier went back on the phone the caller, she had told them that they no longer had the item in stock and the caller just hung up. My mom slightly nodded her head because she could not believe that the caller had hung up on the cashier. The cashier noticed my mom slightly nodding her head and told my mom, "I have a right to say please and thank you to whoever I want". My mom at the moment did not know if she was talking about the caller on the phone or directly to my mom. So her being confused she asked the cashier politely and confused, "Excuse me?" and the lady then told my mom, "you heard what I said, I'm not Mexican and you don't belong here". The cashier continuously told my mom she did not belong here. My mom right away asked for a manager and the cashier rudely told my mom, "She's right there", making my mom go find the manager. My mom then told the manager the issue and had the manager confront the cashier. The manager had asked the cashier why she had said those racial comments to my mom and the cashier just continued to repeat them. The cashier refused to apologize to mom because her excuse was, "She felt as if she didn't need to". The manager then told the cashier to close her register and the cashier continued to refuse. The manager had asked 3x for her to turn off her register light and she refused once more until the manager demanded her to close the register and to immediately gather her belongings and wait for her by their office. There surrounding my mom were witnesses who were just in as shock as my mom was and demanded something had to be done. The manager had said that this is not the first time that this cashier has had an encounter with a customer. We've been trying to get a hold of the regional manager to follow up on this incident, but no one seems to know when they'll get a hold of us. Something needs to be done. Someone please help me get closure for my mom because I have never seen her this upset in my life. No one should ever have to go through what my mom had to go through.

May 31, 2018

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