Dollar Tree / coupon acceptance

On Sunday, Nov 11th, I visited the DOllar General #5444 (Ledbetter shopping Center). I had coupons for the itms I was purchasing. The cashier was having issues with the coupon scanning and called the manager (I assume). The manager never once even looked at the coupon, but immediately said they couldn't accept it, and just walked away.

As a customer, I need the employees to KNOW why they are denying a coupon and not just say "i can't take it." In many cases, if the coupon is EXACTLY for the correct item, I expect them to take care of the customer and report the issue to your technology department.

My career field consists of updating computer systems software and services. I never know when there is an issue until someone reports it to me. Once I receive the report, I can make changes to my new update to resolve their issue, I KNOW THIS IS NOT HAPPENING AT THIS DOLLAR TREE, AS WELL AS MANY OTHER LOCATIONS and it should be, versus just turning away customers.

PLease help, this is occurring too frequently
Mrs. McCoy

Nov 14, 2017

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