Dollar Tree / cheese shredds, soybean oil spread, mocha latte

I went to store #2086 in Brownsburg IN on 8/15/18. I spent $109.70. I bought 10 Cheese Shreds...2 for myself and 8 for a family gathering over the following weekend. On Friday night I made a Salad using the Cheese Shreds. My lips swelled up huge and I had blisters inside my mouth and lips. Needless to say I was unable to attend the gathering and certainly did not want anyone else to eat it anyway! I also felt very sick from the Soybean Oil Blend and I did not care for the Mocha Latte. On Monday 8/ 20/18, my nephew went to exchange these 12 items for me. He was met with a bit of hostility, being told Dollar Tree did not take back food items. I belong to many YouTube channels that have thousands of members and we all frequent Dollar Tree Stores. Many people responded to me telling me they had no problem exchanging food items of any kind! I am out $12.00 and I am very upset. As much as I spend in that store and they do not want to help their best customers. ..or any for that matter. I deserve a store credit for $12.00. Not to mention all the inconvenience this has caused. My nephew asked the store mgr. to just throw the items away because there was no need to take them back and the mgr said they did not have a trash can!! This just made me furiuos. I am passing the word on YouTube to longer buy food items from Dollar Tree. The store could have handled this matter in a whole different way!

Aug 21, 2018

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