Dollar Tree / checkout line

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I'm a daily shopper at the store on the corner of Farmers Blvd and Guy R Brewer, and it's ridiculous that there's only one register open during the busy hours of operations 4-6pm. There's 3 employees including the manager and only one register for a line of 25-30 people. Why? I literally put my 5 things down and walked out the store. The least they can do is have an express line. I myself put in an application for employment and saw at least 15 other applicants, why do they say they are hiring and don't hire people? The managers need to put people on the register when the store is busy and on the sales floor when the store is dead. That's common sense. And this is an everyday occurrence, how much experience do these managers have to not know that?

Jun 07, 2018
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