Dollar Tree / belligerent manager

Brooklyn, NY, United States

Good evening me & my family are consistent customers at the 1720 location store 06153 it seem like every time we are there this manager named renee is never being professional... When a cashier ask for help/assitance she takes her time to help them... She never responds back on time to them she always have a nasty attitude towards the customers & her associates... One time she held the lines up for about 10 minutes to get change for the cashier.. She never has anything positive to say when she is asked about an certain item... Just the other day one of the young ladies asked her to come assist her with a very long line she took her time to come help the young lady had to page her 3 times to come to an regsiter its just crazy very unprofessional infront of the customers... There was one day I wanted to purchase an item I told her the line was very long can she open an register she told me its not her problem and continued to walk away... This young lady never seem to be in a up right mood to deal with customers.. She always just standing around with an attitude towards not only the workers but the cashiers as well.. There was an incident with her and another customer in front of me and she totally disrepected the young man tossed his items gave him attitude all because he asked her to open an register because he had to get back to work she's completely out of control and terrible she making this store and the company look very bad as well

May 11, 2017

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