Dollar Tree / associate

Glasgow, KY, United States

Me and my kids visit the local dollar tree several times a month. As a single father its hard financially when you have been laid off work and had been off due to cancer and the dollar tree seem to be the place for spoiling the kids. Until our last visit, I will not spend any of my money at dollar tree again. Reason is a rude associate and being rude to my kids. She stopped me and told me I cold not leave my kids alone, so I paused like this was a joke right as I am not 5 feet from them and I look at them and look at her and my 18 year old is standing inches from them. I asked her are you sure about that when there is an adult with them, she said yes I to be with all of them. Keep in mind she was advised my son is 18 and I believe that is still the legal age of an adult if she wanted to technical about kids. I could understand if I had walked away from a 2 year old and left him alone which would have never happened anyway but the rudeness of her and her insult about my kids as if an 18 year old is not old enough to be near my toddler his brother was just rude and even after advising her of his age she could care less. She only cared about being bossy and showing she is in control at that store which is the worst customer service anywhere. I am only sending this to advise you that your associate cost your company money. I spend 20 dollars every week in that store on the kids and I will not spend another dime there because there is no such thing as customer service for her, its about her an her job and not dealing with the public. My kids was not even acting up and doing anything and I do take offense to any one trying to tell me how to raise my kids. Especially a retail associate more worried about weather she may have to put something back verses someone spending money at your store. It all counts to the company's end. Of course me not shopping there is not going to damage dollar tree but it shows how much of a rude associate she is because no matter how good prices may be there are other places to shop at with very similar prices on goods. You are more than welcome to contact me via email at [protected]

Mar 18, 2017

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