Dollar Tree #6743rude manager

C Nov 15, 2017

I just visited the local Dollar Tree on Hwy 202 in Anniston, AL. I stood in a one register line for 20mins. I knocked on managers door to see if he could open another register. His response was he was on lunch break and couldn't assist until after his lunch. Seriously!! After 30mins in line he called someone from the back to open a register. He could assist him in logging in & getting the register open ... am I to assume he was off break? Doubtful!!

  • Updated by Customer6743 · Nov 15, 2017

    Apologizing first. Sorry. I have two additional complaints about the Hwy 202 in Anniston, AL store. I've been sitting on these two complaints for 6 months now. The shelves are empty in the store. Confused because when you walk past stock room it's so full you barely can walk through it. Either get them some help or figure out what's going on. Second issue. The parking lot is nasty. It's full of trash & cigarette butts right at the front door. I asked manager why it's not cleaner and was told that they pay someone to clean it. I'm not sure I believe them but if so they need to be fired. Take pride in your store and neighborhood and keep them clean!

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