Dollar Rent A Car / unethical behavior/ customer service

Dallas Love Airport, US

After flying into Dallas Love for a business trip I went to pick up my rental car from Dollar. I had a prior reservation that was confirmed on the website to return my vehicle on 11/19 to be able to catch my 6:00 am flight. Once I got to the counter the agent told me I could not bring it back that morning because no one would be there and they had no key drop. Instead of him trying to find solutions and since it was 11:00pm on 11/15 I agreed to bring it back the night before and changed a hotel reservation to accommodate my rental car needs. He really didn't seem to care at all. We went through the process, and I agreed to decline the insurance, but accept the pre-paid gas package(I always do). I also asked what time I needed to bring the car back by, and he said I needed to give him a specific time. So I did 10:00 pm on the 18th. He also told me if I brought it back early I would be charged an additional fee.

Upon returning my car tonight 11/18 at 9:58 pm there was no one to check back in the car so I had to go back inside to check in. Much to my displeasure the same agent checked the car back in. Upon returning back inside he said nothing to us, hit a couple of keys on the computer and printed my receipt. While reviewing I noticed it was $65 more than my original estimate. When I asked him about it he said it was because I brought the car back with 1/2 tank of gas and that was the surcharge. I told him I had accepted the prepaid option and he told me there was "no way, or it would have been on the contract, I don't make mistakes. "
I asked him to give me back the keys and I would go get the gas in the car to not be charged. He told me it was too late the contract was closed out. I asked him "why he didn't bother to mention to me the additional charge prior to closing it out", and he just snickered as if he could have cared less. He then continued to argue with me about that is what he had in the contract and there was nothing he could do at all. The contract was closed out. When my wife asked him again "why didn't you mention it to us prior to closing it out", he told my wife to "be quiet so that he could talk to me." He didn't try one time to apologize or try to come to any kind of solution. At this point it had nothing to do with the extra charge, but the way he didn't even try to help take care of me and was completely disrespectful to my wife and I. All of this happened with additional customers in the facility. The manager on duty was checking another customer out right next to us. He did not even bother to look up and try to diffuse the situation. We asked for the attendants name and he gladly wrote it down as "Marcell W." as he continued to laugh about it.

I am requesting that at a minimum the additional gas surcharge is refund of $65. Additionally, I would rather action be taken on the agent and manager since they have no concept of how to handle customers or conflict.

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Nov 18, 2017

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