[Resolved] Dollar General in Greenville Missouri / manager, and store.

Greenville, MO, United States

The dollar store in Greenville, Missouri is absolutely terrible. I applied 3 months ago for an assistant managers position and they NEVER returned my calls. I actually had to go to the store and ask for the manager in order to see if she even reviewed my application. I spoke with one of the assistant managers and she told me that the manager told her that "Nobody is putting in applications." (Which is a lie) The assistant manager told me that she would speak with the manager about my application because I was MORE than qualified for a simple sales associate position, due to being an assistant manager at another dollar general location. Greenville is in dyer need of employees, the manager has had her assistant manager working 23 days straight. Not to mention the manager is pregnant and is due October 31. So not hiring any employees in less than a week before your due to go on maternity leave? I'm not understanding what the issue is that the manager has against me. I finally received an interview on a Monday morning (she interviewed me in the middle of the store NOT in her office) and I told her that my availability was open and that I would be able to work anytime. She proceeded to tell me at the end of the interview that she would contact me later on that week. For what? She didn't even tell me if I got the position or not. I've NEVER been to an interview where the manager didn't let me know if I got the position or not before leaving the interview. It was the oddest thing. Here it is Friday (yes I've been waiting a full week) and I still yet to hear anything from this so called manager. Not only is the manager unfit to be a manager, but the store itself is a MESS. The receiving room is packed full of merchandise that has yet to be put on the sales floor, the doors are NEVER opened at 8:00 a.m., the parking lot looks like a dump, and it is impossible to get any customer service. I've even tried calling the store to see if I could speak with the manager and NOBODY answers. I then called another local dollar store in Ellsinore Missouri and asked the manager there if she knew if the Greenville Missouri dollar store was closed for some odd reason because I couldn't get anyone to answer my calls. She told me that no they shouldn't be closed because they only close for Christmas and that was super odd of them not answering their phones. I decided to drive over to Greenville Missouri dollar store (I live 15 miles away) and ask one of the sales associates if their phone works. She proceeded to tell me that "No our phones have never worked" so I explained to her that I've been trying to call all morning and she says "Well we can't call out, and we very seldom receive calls." She was even wondering why the manager couldn't fix the phones or why corporate doesn't do something about it. ABSOLUTELY the saddest Dollar General I've ever came in contact with, and I have accepted another position elsewhere. I want no part of that chaos. They have lost my business for good.

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Oct 26, 2018

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