Dollar General #8988unfair employment

Dollar General Store #8988 has been without a manager for at least a few months, including through Thanksgiving and Christmas (and for sure through New Years). This lack of leadership is negatively impacting the store's appearance and employee attitudes. There are warm bodies present but there is so much merchandise in the aisles it is hazardous. However, the most confusing aspect is that the assistant manager has a FULL TIME JOB at the school. Why is she allowed to have TWO FULL TIME JOBS in this small town when there are qualified folks who have no job or need a career change but cannot apply as the position is filled with a person who ALREADY HAS A FULL TIME JOB?? If Jen Gray is going to be the DG assistant manager, then she should quit her FULL TIME JOB at the school and give another soul a chance at making a living. Jen Gray's selfishness is apparent by getting paid from TWO FULL TIME JOBS. Dollar General needs to re-evaluate Jen Gray's assistant manager position and she either chooses DG for full time employment or the school for full time employment, not both. I truly hope this concern with be reviewed and not just pushed under the rug. Thank you for your time.

Dec 26, 2014

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