Dish Network / unauthorized credit card charges

West, TX, United States
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On August 5, 2016. I spent over an hour on the phone, while at work, I kept repeating that I was at work and they did not seem to care. Kept putting me on hold, playing pinball with transferring me here and there, then as far as to hanging up on me. I was calling because I let my card be used once to a person I trust to get services established. $440.00 was taken off my card unauthorized. Being as it is a Friday, I called ASAP. I still can not get a confirmation on when I am able to get my funded returned back to me. These funds are critical to me because I am undergoing radiation treatments and next step is surgery for Cancer. All the funds I have are very important to me. I am just now able to come back to work for the time being. I tried to explain this, and however they did not care. I have numerous bills to pay. $440 may not seem like a lot but when it is unexpected it surely is. I do NOT appreciate the negativity and rudeness I received and I do NOT appreciate being passed around and hung up on. Furthermore, I do NOT appreciate being told it would be refunded to me and it has not been. I have referred many people to DISH, I no longer stand by them and will not encourage anyone to switch or go to their services. Professionalism is one thing people strive on, and that is something that was very much so lacked.

Aug 05, 2016

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