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Dish Network / unauthorized billing!

1 P.O. Box 7203Pasadena, CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 800-3333474

I have been trying to resolve a dispute with Dish Network since early February 2008. The date of this letter is April 22 2008. My son is disabled and on Social Security Disability and I am his assigned payee from Social Security. I pay all of his monthly bills and his payment history for the last 4 years is totally spotless. One of his receivers went out and he called Dish to get a replacement one. They delived it and sent him a return box to send back the broken one back to them. Because of his disability he was slow about returning the box and he did not inform me that that this event had even occurred. When I found out about it, I called Dish and explained his disability situation to them and had them send another box to my address so I could see that it was sent back.They said that they totally understood the situation. The box arrived and I took it to him. We packaged it up and sent it back. ( I know that he should have sent the receiver back sooner and I would not have objected the temporary charge of $100.00 on his personal account until they received the receiver back.)

(1) As of his February 02, 2008 his account was current. (as it has always been). But they debited my Sears card on 1/26/08 $100.00 and 01/31/08 another $100.00 dollars. I used my credit card to set up his account 4 years ago because he did not have a credit card. They told me that they could only debit my credit card if he was late or behind in the first year of his service to make sure he paid his bill, (of which now is in the 4th year and had never been late) so they debited my credit card without my authorization. The charge for an unreturned box is ($100.00) They debited my credit card $200.00.

(2) They charged his account $100.00 (3) more times for a total of $300.00 between my credit card and his personal bill now the total for (1) box valued at $100.00 he is being charged $500.00. (Between my credit card and his personal bill.) I know it gets confusing.

(3) I have called so many times I have lost track but I do have who I spoke with, the dates and the action they were suppose to take to resolve the situation.

(4) I was told that they would credit his account. On March 02, 2008 bill they credited his account $300.00 and then reversed $100.00 of the credit. (for what reason I do not know) so now he has a credit of $200.00 out of the $500.00

(5) April 02, 2008 bill credit card charge back $100.00 was added back to his bill but one good thing, they received the receiver and credited him the equipment fee-adjustment of $100.00. So this credit is a wash as well to $0.

(6) During the time this was going on I have continued to pay his monthly bill each month, so this would not be an issue. But they had the nerve to tell me that the money owed to him was used to pay his bill!!! (Now I am getting really upset)

(7) On my credit card they said that the reason it was charged was that the first attempt to charge it did not go through on 01/26/08 and they repeated it on 01/31/08. I have their statement and my credit card to prove that both charges went through.

(8) They have told me numorous times that they would send the money back to my credit card and make sure that my son's account would be credited back the money owed to him. (My credit card has yet to be credited back) and each time they credit my son's account they turn around and reverse the credit.

(9) To sum it up my son was should be current on his April bill ( as I paid $70.00) this month and each month prior it should be a normal bill. My credit card should have a $0 balance. But as his April bill stands right now he has a $22.38 credit with adding the $70.00 I just sent, for a total credit of $92.38. I still owe $200.00 on my Sears card and if they credit me the $200.00 on my Sears card they are going to take his $92.38 credit away from him and he is going to owe another $100.00 for this month according to my calculations. Where is the missing $100.00?

(10) I need some help as today when I called back Dish after calling the credit card company to see if the money had been credited back to my credit card (the $200.00) which it had not, they (Dish) spoke to me for awhile and then hung up on me after they could not explain the bill.

(11) I have all of the names and dates if needed of who I spoke to. (of course they are in India) They use American names but that is not their real names, if needed.

(12) Who can I contact for some help? I have put in a dispute with the credit card company and they are working on it but that is not going to solve the situation with Dish Network.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Sorry this is so long, but after you spend 4 or 5 hours on the phone with them trying to get it straighted out it gets pretty lengthly.

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      24th of Apr, 2008
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    This is really a rambling complaint. Why are your sentences numbered?

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