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Dish Network / / slow to non existent upload speed on dishnet internet service

1 Seneca, IL, United States

On December 15, 2017 our internet service was throttled back because we hit our 50 GB data limit. Not a problem in itself. On December 17, 2017 the upload speed resumed to normal levels of between 13 and 17 MB/s. However, the upload speed NEVER returned.

Before we were throttled back I was getting upload speeds of between 1 and 1.5 MB/s. Now I am barely getting o.1 MB and sometimes NOTHING AT ALL to the point I can not even do a ping test!

I was in IT before my retirement, so I first unplugged the modem, let it sit for 5 minutes, then restarted it. I also tested the speed with two different sites to make sure I was getting similar readings.

When it did not improve, I called Dish tech support on 12/21/17. The Tech, Matt, logged into my modem remotely and tried to reregister it and troubleshoot with the tools he had available. He verified the slow speeds through his tools. Nothing improved. He dispatched a tech to our house.

on 12/22/17, the tech arrived and also could not get the issue resolved. He called Dish Support and they were of absolutely NO HELP to him either. He then called his own supervisor, who authorized him to replace ALL the equipment. He replaced the J1 tria, the HT1100 modem and ALL the cabling from the dish outside up to and including to the modem. No success in improving the upload speed. He said I needed to call Dish tech support again.

On 12/23/17 I called and spoke to Joe. He also could not improve the upload speed and said he would escalate the ticket to Hughes Engineering for resolution. I thought I would see some improvement in a couple of days.

On 12/28/17 I called again and spoke with Ken. I let a few extra days go by because of the Christmas holiday. Ken verified that my upload speed was at 0.1 MB/s or less and re-registered the modem again. He was also not able to log in remotely to the modem to access the administration pages. He escalated the ticket AGAIN to Hughes.

On 12/30/17 I called and talked with Rob. He said all the notes were in the ticket, but there was no resolution yet and Dish was just "waiting" to hear from Hughes.

This is starting the 2nd week of little to no upload speed. I am paying for the most expensive available package you have and have no upload speed, which causes issues when trying to log on to certain websites, or transfer data.

I'm frustrated. I get no feedback on the status of my ticket except when I call you. I think over a week is being patient on my part. Dish's techs try and are very courteous, but the problem is not with my equipment. It is all new and has been recalibrated, pointed, acquired, etc. The issue seems to be with that portion of Hughes service.


Lynne Carr

Dec 30, 2017

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