Dish Network / / satellite

Ocean Springs, MS, United States

There was appointment made for installation for 8am 8/16/18. Recieved an email that morning they would not be out 930-1000. Then at 1000 another email that was for 1200. Get a call from technician stating he could not find home. Come to find out he was in South Carolina and I live in Mississippi. Technician admitted address was correct and was unsure on how he received order. Was told someone would be out by customer service later that day or by noon today 8/17/18. One o'clock rolls around call customer service then was told it would be around 4pm today. Have lost 2 days work. 500.00 in wages . I am so unsatisfied. Quick to charge my bank account but totally unreliable. If it wasn't for the fact where I live Dish is the only company really available I would tell them to shove it. Now let's see if the technician will be here later this afternoon. If not I will go as high as I have to be totally reimbursed for my time wages and deposit. I am irrate!!!

Oct 17, 2018

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