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Dish Network has found a way to change the terms of service and increase the cost of their service through receiver charges. I have been a loyal customer for greater than 15 years. During that time I have been satisfied with the service and treated fairly. In these times of recession this company has chosen to arbitrarily change the terms of my contract with them by increasing (340% from $5 to $17 each) the fees for my receivers. I'm no lawyer and this seems like it should be illegal but with their big money I'm sure they have found a sleazy loophole they can exploit their customers. Shame on Dish Network! If this is illegal someone please HELP. I know I need to seek an alternative provider but I am a creature of habit and fear the unknown.

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  • Me
      11th of Feb, 2010

    One onboard here...

    Been with dish over 11 years...
    This Dish New price increase adds $22 a month
    to my bill and in return I get nothing..literally
    nothing...Jan paying $85 Feb paying $107...for the same
    exact setup...there giving out 6 month credit to offset longtime customers
    but this is merely a pacifier to get you use to the new prices...and in 6 months..
    what then?...

    I do not believe it is illegal in that they have the right to change packaging
    pricing etc at there long as it nots some huge conspiracy between
    them and direct-tv/cable for price fixing...then no...

    I believe there argument goes...we are still cheaper than the competition
    for similar setups and this is true..but by how much..A Direct tv setu in my
    case is easily $15 more...and cable is about the same if you have all the channels...
    so there argument is "we can charge more and still be under the rest, so why not"...


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  • Ms
      11th of Feb, 2010

    My bill is going to Increase $25.00 as I have three recievers..

    Been with Dishnetwork for 11 years, going to cancel and switch to Direct TV.

    I am glad that I'm no longer under a contract.

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  • Di
      18th of Apr, 2010

    I'm only 3 months into my 24 month contract and they doubled my receiver fees? They say they have the right to change the price at any time and I'm still bound by the contract.

    Is this really possible?

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