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Dish Network / liars and crooks

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I received Dish Network service in February of 2010. They lied to me right from the start. Before I signed the two year contract I was specifically told I wouldn't have to have a phone line connected to my receiver because I had told them I didn't have phone jacks near the receivers. I was charged the fee anyway on my first bill. I called and disputed the fee and it was finally removed. When I signed up for service I was supposed to receive credits because I was referred by someone who also had Dish Network, I never received a credit nor did the person who referred me. After two months of service (and subsequent phone calls to Dish Network to repeatedly get my bill fixed) they raised my bill $6 a month. I called them (again) upset that my base rate had been raised, they said they were sorry but I had been notified of the rate increase by either mail or e-mail. I was never notified of any rate increase. They gave me a credit for $5 for six months to "transition me into the rate adjustment", I also received two PPV movie passes (which I did not need because I have Netflix), however my contract is for two years. A month or two passed and my bill was raised again, this time my extra receiver fee was increased from $7 a month to $14 a month, I called very upset and they basically said sorry, deal with it... I have a two year contract!! Two months later I received another bill and low and behold it was raised again! This time $2 a month, I called, AGAIN, and they said that all bills were raised because they offer free HD for life, well that's fine and dandy but my TV is not HD, nor do I have HD service, so why am I paying for HD??! I can't afford an HD TV because my pay stays the same and my bills keep going up!! A month ago I received my bill and saw that I was now being charged for the equipment servicing or equipment insurance or whatever they called it. This was a promotion that I received when I first signed up for Dish Network, I was to recieve nine months free, I did not want it, I told the rep I did not want it, the rep assured me that as soon as the promotion was over it would come off my bill, the rep LIED TO ME! On two of my previous MANY phone calls with Dish I inquired about this promotion, because I wanted to make sure that once the promotion was over I would not be charged (because I have been screwed by this gimmick before and had learned my lesson), two other Dish Network reps LIED TO ME and told me that it would come off my bill, that I did not have to call in to cancel. Well I told the lady that I did not want the service and to cancel it, she said no problem she would remove it. Well, guess what, I just got my bill again last weekend and that six dollar charge from last month is still on my bill, along with a new six dollar charge for this month! So, I call my "friends" at Dish! And the rep at the other end has the nerve to tell me that there is a $25 fee to remove this service. At this point I'm just speechless, how on earth can a company be allowed to do this to people. I am angry, I tell her I will not pay a fee for something that I never wanted in the first place and she graciously waived the fee (nice of her, huh??) and promised me that the $12 in fees for this service I never wanted was removed, but I had to pay for it up front so I wasn't charged any late fees. Well I guess we will see when I get my next bill if they actually removed it. To sum it up, Dish Network LIES, they are CROOKS, and they are definitely NOT number one in customer satisfaction. I'm tired of being screwed by companies, I work hard for every dime I receive and I refuse to allow thieves like Dish Network to STEAL anymore of my hard-earned money. The reason why the economy can't recover is because of THIEVES like Dish Network. I signed a two year contract with them, I have to pay them for two years, but they can raise whatever they want, what kind of contract it that!!

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  • Ra
      22nd of Dec, 2010
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    My name is Ray Calo with Dish Network Customer Service. I apologize for the bad experience you had with us. Are you still having problems or is this situation resolved? I would be more than happy to look into this matter for you. Please let me know how I can help you.

    Thank you.

  • Ph
      26th of Dec, 2010
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    Hi. This is Phillip Chang with DISH Network. I have reviewed your post and we apologize for any bad experience you may have had. I can assure you that we do value your feed back and continue to strive for best in class customer service to our potential and existing customers alike. I would like to assure you that there is no longer a fee for not having your receivers connected to an active phone line or ethernet cable. In addition to that if a new customer is taking advantage of the Service Plan for free for the first 6 months of service there is no fee to have the Service Plan removed. I would like to ensure that your concerns are addressed, if you would like any clarification on anything mentioned above or anything else please contact me at phillip.[protected] Thank you for being a valued DISH Network customer, have a great day!

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