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On January 29th the receiver in my room stopped working. I called technical support. The girl told me that my account was flagged and to have my receiver turned on I would have to contact the "verifications department". That night, Friday, I tried to reach them but they were closed. On Saturday, I did not get home from work until 6:40PM. I called the verification department and got thru to a Chris. Finally we went thru the motions of verifying the receivers. The instructions that he gave me were as follows. "I will be asking you some questions about the information in the receivers and he would not be putting me on hold, in turn I would talk to nobody and not put him on hold". This was frankly a little offensive since he made no attempt to explain himself or give any apologies for this behavior. So we proceded to verify the receivers. When we were done he asked me to send him a copy of my utility bill. Chris had told me early in the conversation at 6:45PM that he was going to be there for another 25 minutes. I faxed him a copy of my electric bill and called him back at 7:00PM and they were closed. Sunday they were closed so I waited till Monday. Finally Monday, only after two hours on the phone, I was able to send the utility bill and get my services back on. On Thursday night, the same week, my receiver in my living room was turned off. I called the verifications department again and they said the address on the electric bill did not match the address they had on file. The address on my utility bill. The address on my utility bill says 733 ne 7th ave apt 8 and the address on file says 731 ne 7th ave. I tried to explain to the agent that my house is part of an apartment complex. I live on a sigle family home next to seven apartments. This is all part of the apartment comlex. The mail box is on the building next to me and that building is 733. This is were my mailbox is. My house is actually 731. For some reason when I set up set up service with Florida Power and Light they only recognized 733. The agent was very rude even after I explained this situation to him. I told him that if it would be good I could cancel the services at 731 and start new services at 733. He said that I could not do this because that would be promotional fraud. Additionally the ultumatum he gave me in order to maintain service was to pay $60 a month for this receiver in addition to the 60 some dollar I am paying now. In other words, pay double service. Basically he was calling me a lyer and a thief. Conclusion, today I am cancelling my services with Dish Network. I have never seen anything like this and dont wish this on my worst enemy. Additionally I will be contacting the FTC, the BBB and any blog I can upload this story on. Buyer be ware.

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  • Dish Network is the worst. It reminds me of AOL years ago when they were being bullies to people that wanted to cancel their service. They are rude, agressive, intimidating and frankly very ignorant. My friend filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Dish Networks said they would NOT release him from his contract. They acted like they didn't have to abide by the Federal Bankruptcy laws and harassed him for $180 cancellation fee!

    I would NOT recommend Dish to anyone not even my worst enemy. HOPEFULLY there will be a class action lawsuit AGAINST them and all injured and treated badly, will be compensated!

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