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Dish Network / AT&T / double billed and I paid double

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I was using att as home phone provider and internet, comcast as tv provider and tmobile as cell phone provider. I decided to go with a combined bill and switched to dish for tv and att for all other services. I immediately got 2 months of bills from dish for install and services and paid promptly, figuring it was just a glitch in billing, but wanted to pay my bills, since dish was giving the service. I also was getting billed by att (On my combined bill) for dish, but did not pay as I was paying direct.

Att got upset and sent me letters of payment demand and then the fun started!

Att said dish should never have billed me and I owed att the $$ as it was a combined billing, dummy!

Dish said, no way jose... You got service from us and you paid us and then they closed acct (Paid in fulll) and would not refund me my $249.

As things moved on, turns out dish activated my 7 yr old acct number from 2000 and that was what they were charging me for. Then dish said att had no right to issue me a new account number and that att owed me the money, not dish.

Well, this is 2 months later... About 20 hours of phone conversations and some very terse and rude 'executive office' conversations.

At this point dish refuses to talk to me about it and says att is my point of service (Even though dish provides the service) and that I need to get refund from att.

For 3 weeks now, att has 'assured' me they will resolve it in my favor, but no one will put that in writing and I still have not gotten my $249.

I got double billed and I paid double... But no one will step up and give me my money back!


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