Discover Enterprises / scam!

Phoenix, AZ, United States

A guy with a very heavy Indian accent called me on April 21, 2010 and told me that me and 25 others were randomly chosen and we all won 500 $ to any grocery store of our choice. but with a shipping fee of 4.95 $

He gave me his name : Roysten Smith and ID number : 50317. He told me that they were located in Phoenix AZ but the number he called from was a california number. I looked up the company while I was on the phone and the first thing that popped up was "Cheat AND Scam!"

I asked him about it and he put me to a supervisor. The supervisor said that it was a fake website people put up to play tricks. Then he started to get really rude, I tried to see if I didnt have to give him my credit card number and do something else instead and he said "Absolutely noT! there is no way we can do this without it." he just kept talking and talking but i couldnt understand him well at ALL.

So I just told him to take my number off the list and all he said was "Okay." and that was it! notthing else after all the other yaking. so i hung up.

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