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Discover Enterprises / Fraudulent magazine sales

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Discover Enterprises has been sending us magazines that we did not subscribe to, and have been demanding that we pay in full immediately. We get harassing phone calls from them on a daily basis. We have already been turned over to a collection agency, which, conveniently is also run by Discover Enterprises. We have asked them to cancel our subscriptions, but they will do so only if we pay in full. Representatives of the company are rude and threatening. Avoid these criminals at all costs!

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  • Ga
      9th of May, 2009
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    so what has happened to you guys. I had never heard of them, and i just got a letter saying i owe them 40 bucks. they keep calling, and i wana know if i should just ignore them or pay.

  • Wi
      22nd of Jun, 2009
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    You ignore them and fight any charges with your credit card company. They will call you several times saying you owe them money, but you do not! Eventually I got a letter in the mail saying that my subscription is cancelled!

    They will NOT send you to collections and they will NOT harm your credit.


  • Sc
      23rd of Jun, 2009
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    I am in the same situation - Ironically, I was lead into a free trial program for financial education materials "Road to Wealth" when all I was really getting was scammed out of $800 of magazines I told the sales person "I DID NOT WANT - FREE OR NOT" because I do not ever have time to read magazines.

    I am taking legal steps in this matter as follows ...
    1) Contacting my bank about letting my visa bank card number (actually the one my husband's name is on) be so
    easily accessed and charged
    2) Contacting a lawyer
    3) Reporting this to the Better Business Bureau
    4) Calling the magazines that we received (none of which I would ever subscribe to) to report that they are going to
    have their name publicly brought into this SCAM!!!
    5) Reporting this to my local news channels (and possibly - because I do not know how to get the story covered -
    contact the news shows on network channels including ABC, CBS, NBC, etc. ) to make this scam public

    At this point it is not just about the money they scammed (tricked)me out of but also the principle of matter. I think that I am an intelligent individual that got tricked out of money that I never would have agreed to had their "Verification Process" - you know, the one that they say so quickly that you would need a degree in auctioneering to ever understand or hear all the details, had not been so quickly stated. This is how they got me. The original scammer (Brian - ext. 267) got mad at me and had to start the recording over 2-3 times because I kept interrupting him about the free magazines.

    As of right now, I have been scammed. My money and bank account have been stolen/jeopardized, And I am about to spend some passionate time taking steps to make sure that this does not happen to others. I can not even imagine the money that people without the will, energy, or know-how get taken for by this "company".

    Stick to your guns and take steps to make this as public as you can - there is power in numbers!!!

  • Po
      9th of Dec, 2009
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    I dono want all of these magazines there not even what im into

  • Sh
      3rd of Feb, 2010
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    I got a text from them saying I won $200 Walmart giftcard. An Indian guy with an American name called me and told me I would receive the giftcard and after 30 days I could decide whether I wanna receive the magazines. I got a non-sealed envelope in my mail-box 2 days ago about the magazines i had supposedly subscribed for and another mail today saying they would start charging me within 3-5 days. Ofcourse, they didn't mention anything about giftcards...
    I canceled my bank-card, and I called them to cancel the subscription telling them I knew it was a scam. The guy didn't care what I had to say about the scam, as if he already knew what I was talking about, and he couldn't wait to hang up the phone after telling me he canceled my account.
    I told him about the Indian guy, he didn't really care...which makes me certain he's an affiliate, not just a phone operater.
    What I don't get is.. how can they get away with is for such a long time using the same company name?

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