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Discover Card / customer service

1 United States

Discover Card … employees and management were beyond corrupt IMHO and based on what I went through. I purchased ProtonVPN service through Paypal using Discover Card as the source of funding and that was when the nightmare started. I did not receive the service and since Proton was unresponsive I put in a dispute. Proton closed my account and refused to refund. I put in a claim, Proton said I had to close the claim to get the refund and then a crooked employee at Paypal told me the same thing which is strictly against Paypal policies when addressing a customer claim. I put in a chargeback through Discover. A month later Discover reversed the chargeback without emailing or mailing me. I called their Salt Lake City and a female employee in customer service confirmed they had gotten an inadequate response from Paypal - she said just having my name and credit card information does not make it a valid charge. She reinstated my chargeback against Proton/Paypal. A month later once again Discover reverted the chargeback to me. I called in and two male employees in customer service told me tough luck despite the fact that even Paypal had found in my favor. They told me to resolve this with Paypal. I called and talked to Paypal's US manager. He confirmed that they found in my favor and had sent the funds back to Discover card. I called Discover back and spoke with another female employee in customer service. She investigated and then told me she had good news that the Paypal documentation ruled in my favor and that the investigation was closed. Discover strangely enough made this a courtesy adjustment. Odd but at least I got my money back. I also received an email confirming that the investigation was closed and they found in my favor. A month later I checked my account and Discover had once again reversed the chargeback and had written that the charge was valid in disputes. I called in and spoke with a male employee and was told there had been another response from Paypal which I proved to him was a complete lie. He could produce no documentation from Paypal proving his claim. I registered a complaint with the CFPB. The charge again went away and Discover magically produced all the letters I was supposed to have received - also a lie. Disputes still showed charge valid. I complained to their corporate offices and their investigation was a complete farce. Discover never took any action against the male employees that lied and refused to put me through to a supervisor and corporate admitted they did not know why. They tried to brow beat me as to the charge being valid and lied about how Paypal processes chargebacks. I finally cancelled the card. So are employees at Discover siphoning off money and keeping it off the books if they get Paypal funds and then claim they did not get them? IMHO they are one of the most dishonest lending institutes in the US besides Paypal. The total time frame from charge to dispute to claim to chargeback to final refund to canceling the card … March 2018 to October 2018 …. Seven months! Avoid this scam credit card company at all costs!

Oct 4, 2018

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