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Discount Tires / Broke my rim

1 Houston, TX, United States
Contact information:

Discount Tire Company Corporate Office

20225 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

August 24, 2016

I went to a discount tire as I have for many years. It never fails where I have a problem. I have come to the determination the problem is mostly with women. They know women do not have the proper knowledge about cars and tires.

Let me tell you about the incident's that has happen over the years and you make the determination.

1. I went to a discount tire a couple of years ago on [protected]@ Main in Houston Texas because my from end was shaking violently. I thought it needed a tire balance. I walked in and they checked out my vehicle. I was then told I need two new tires. I purchased the new tires and got on the road. I could only make it and the freeway and off at the next exit due to the shaking in the wheels. I immediately got off and went back to discount tires. They rechecked but this time the manager came and told me that I need all new tires. I placed my computer, purse and a mini tape recorder I was listening to a lecture on the counter to fine my wallet. I asked the manger are you sure this is the problem? He stated yes ma'am if you put all new tires on you vehicle it will stop shaking. I knew this purchase would max out my credit card but I needed these tires or so I thought. I paid for the other two tires which now makes a complete set. I pull out onto the freeway and had to get back of at the next exit. I returned and confronted the manager. I said you told me if I replaced all four of the tires on my Expedition truck it would no longer shake and vibrate. He then said that is not what I said! I pulled the tape recorder out of my purse and played it for him and all customers to hear. One even saying, "you did tell the lady that; I heard you."
I asked for my original tires back. I was told in one hour all four of my tires where gone. I was forced to buy tires I did not need. The next day the truck was put in the shop and It had absolutely nothing to do with the tires. I was given my money back and complemented the tires, "I'm sure because of the tape recorder".

2. The air was going out of one tire. I had to air it up weekly. I went into discount tires where the tires where purchased along with the warranty. I want told the rim was bent. I was then told it could not be fixed because the rims was chrome. Chrome could not be repaired. He offered to sale me a full set for about $1000, As I stood there thinking, I can not afford new rims at this time. I felt pressured and then he became rude stating "ok but don't call us when you are stranded and the side of the road." I went back to me office and google places to fix chrome wheels. I had the wheel repaired on my way home for a (WHOPPING) $60.00. This is a long way from $1000.

3. Stopped by discount tire on I10E close to Federal, Houston Texas. I had a nail in my tire due to construction at my job. It was almost closing time but a nice you man by the name Robert helped me. I was grateful because I new he wanted help the last of the customers, clean up and get off. They did a great job, there I go thinking again!. I had to go back to Discount tire about a month or two later and discovered they did not put my wheel lock back in my glove compartment where it has been for years. I had a flat so I had to make a choice. Let them break the wheel lock off my rims or have my car towed from discount tire home. I let them break the wheel locks off.

4.Just last week I went to a discount time off I10E freeway again. I guess I did not learn my less I had a nail and wanted a rotation. I was done in about 30 minutes. I was then given the paper work upon completion and a broken cap from my rim. I asked what is this? it is the cap from your rim, as you can see it looks like it was already broken right there. I told the young man, no if I did not have it in my hand when I came in, I do not want to have it in me hand when I drive out. He then tells me Maam what do you want me to do? I said I want a cap that is not broken for my rim. He said I will go half with you. I said 'I did not break half of the cap, so why should I pay? I asked for the manager. He said he was the manager and he would order the cap. I was called the next day and left a message. The cap was ordered and would take 3months. I called the location and asked to speak to the manager. I was told this is the manager and the person that ordered your part told me about it and it is going to take 3 months. I asked if it was anywhere else he could get the part sooner. He replied as a courtesy we ordered the part. I then was through talking to the employees and the discount tire. I asked for the district or regional person and was given the wrong number. The discount employee asked where did they give you this number, this is the wrong number. We do not handle that area. I was finally give the correct number and able to speak to someone. He apologized and said a new manager had been sent to that location and has no knowledge of any thing. So the employees that where representing them selves as managers where not manners

as of today 11/11/16 I have not received my part but I did not call. As usual the ball was kicked into someone else's corner. I was treated like I was a bother for even wanting my rim fixed. I have never has such bad treatment.
Today is a Veterans day in the nation but it is always veterans day for Discount tire. They are veterans at ripping people off.

Sincerely Sharon Hewitt
Houston TX

Nov 11, 2016

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