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Purchased 4 Michelin Pilot HX MXM4 tires for my Honda Accord. The tires were supposed to have a 50, 000 mile warranty. After less than 30, 000 miles on the tires and still 50% tread life left, they refused to do anything about the tires - rough handling, bumpy ride, shaking the steering wheel, seats, etc. They rotated and balanced them twice within 3 weeks, but they said it was the car - not their tires. Took the car to a Honda dealership and they did a high speed balance and checked out the car. No surprise that they found nothing wrong with the car, but said it was the tires. Discount Tire still would not do anything! not do business with this group of CHEATING & LYING BUNCH! Bought new tires today (9/19/14) and the car rides wonderful! Very smooth & no shaking.

Sep 19, 2014
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  • Zo
      Sep 19, 2014

    Couple of questions? Have you had the tires rotated and air pressure checked in that 30, 000 miles? Was the car aligned just before or after or at ANY time since the tires were installed? If not you've not followed the most basic tire maintenance requirements of any tire company's guaranty so I wouldn't be surprised that they wouldn't warranty your tires.

    Was it ALL the tires or just one or two that were "bad". If a car is out of alignment or the shocks/struts are bad, or their are worn suspension components they can cause a tire(s) to become unbalanced due to uneven wear. THAT is not the fault of the tire.

    However, it is possible for a tire (s) to have a belt break, or tread separation which again will cause the tires to vibrate and you can balance them and they may feel okay for a short time but as the damage worsens they will begin to vibrate again.This is what I would GUESS happened to you. And another gotcha of the guaranty is that is a separation or belt break is near a puncture, even though it was repaired; that will most often void any mileage warranty.

    BUT. As a former tire store manager what any decent shop, including the one that sold you new tires, should have done is check the tires for damage and through a process of elimination via road testing and moving the tires around on the vehicle. Something that takes time but is not difficult. And Discount Tire generally does not, to my knowledge, hire anyone with any degree of automotive mechanical knowledge, so unless they had been trained on what to do in this instance or been willing to spend the time (more likely reason) it's no wonder they would blame the car.

    And the guys that sold you those new tires should have offered to do this for you as ANY authorized Michelin dealer can warranty one of their tires regardless of where it was sold, unless it was a private label. Those guys took your money and I can guarantee you that your old tires are either for sale as used tires or they are one of their cars! What I would have done, as a manager interested in acquiring and KEEPING your business, it done the testing to determine which tire(s) were bad and replaced them under warranty if possible; and if not then sold you only enough tires to get you back on the road. Assuming you wanted to get your money's worth out of the Michelins.

    But that's just me. Many out there will just take your money and go on to the next customer. Like Discount Tire and others like them that ONLY sell tires and do no repair work.

    My advice. Next time get your tires from someone that at the very least does alignments as well as tires. That way, if anything goes sideways with the tires they can't really point the blame at anyone but themselves. Because when an alignment is done all suspension components should be checked for wear and the customer advised of their need for replacement. If you get tires at a place that can do those repairs then unless you have a road hazard situation or don't replace warn suspension parts you should be able to get the rated mileage out of your tires, providing you do your part and bring the vehicle in for recommended rotations and air pressure and suspension checks.

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