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Direct T.V. / you can't agree to something you are not made aware of

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I love how big Corporations can just take your money and you can't do anything about it. When my husband an I moved into our new house we called Direct TV and ordered Satellite Service. We were given a vague appointment that we had to take 1/2 a day off of work to make. It was set for the hours between 12pm and 5pm. I received a phone call at 4pm and was informed that the technician would not be able to make it to the appointment. He had called in that morning, and was out sick for the day. Nice of them to wait till the end of the day. Anyway, I was scheduled another appointment for about 2 weeks later. The technician came to the house, and then proceeded to inform us that, because we were leasing the house that we would have to get a letter from the property owner, granting them permission to drill holes if necessary. So AGAIN, I was rescheduled. Finally the Technician made it out, and we had obtained the letter, which they tried to deny because it read "only drill if completely necessary". We did not want anything special we just wanted it to be hooked up. My Husband was home when the tech got there and I returned as he was finishing up. He had my husband doing all sorts of things to help and after he left, we spent the next 2 hours finishing the installation. I received a bill in the mail approximately 2 weeks later, and it included a copy of a 4year contract, that I apparently had agreed to when I had the system installed. I immediately called Direct T.V. and was informed that I could not cancel or I would be charged a disconnection fee. I read them the part of THERE OWN CONTRACT that says "if you do not agree to this contract please contact us" They proceeded to inform me that I must contact them before the service is installed. WOW I never agreed to any contract. There Service is TERRIBLE.

All of there Customer Service Positions are Outsourced to India.
LITTLE TRICK- Request to talk to the RETAINMENT Department. They all speak English well, because there job is to talk people out of canceling there service.

SOLUTION: Reported on CNN just last week - A man was speaking about tips and tricks to keep you from getting run over. If a company that you are under contract with makes even ONE MISTAKE on a bill, you then have the right to CANCEL YOUR ACCOUNT - NO FEE. It is a BREACH OF CONTRACT. Come on Direct...just one little slip...)

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  • Mi
      22nd of Apr, 2009
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    I work for a retailer of Directv and would first like to apologize for your appointment being cancelled after you took the entire day off and then having to wait two weeks for another appointment. Dealing with Directv directly is very time consuming sometimes, not all the time, but most and that is why Directv has retailers. A retailer for Directv is able to pay closer attention to each customer they sign up, I'm not taking up for all retailers, but most do all that they can to fix situations such as this. The only thing that I will call BS on is your statement "All of there Customer Service Positions are Outsourced to India." This is completely FALSE. Directv prides itself on being an "American" company and all of Directv's call centers are located in the United States. This is one reason I was attracted to Directv in the first place. Prior to working with Directv I had Dish Network in my home and the numerous times I had a problem with their service I would call and get "Tim" whom I could never understand to fix my problem. About your contract, when your service was installed you signed a contract, you should have read it, if you did not agree with it, it was at that point and 72 hours after that you could have called Directv to have the service cancelled and a technician would come out and remove the system from your home without assessing any penalties. Which is a prorated amount of 20.00 a month for the length of the contract unfulfilled. The contract that you signed is the typical complaint that Directv receives whether it be that the customer complains about not knowing they were in a 2 year contract (not 4) or they were dissatisfied with the service, but neglected to cancel within the allotted timeframe. -- This last comment is not only for you, but for others also: Consumers need to educate themselves by reading contracts and finding out all info prior to entering into an agreement with any company not just Directv. If the consumer neglects to do this when all information is handed to them, in what way is this Directv's fault? As I stated before I do apologize for the mistakes on Directv's behalf, but in the future for your own protection read any contracts before entering in to it.

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