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My husband has called your number on back of the Direct Express card quite a few times, but still no response from anyone, The complaint was about money taken off my card that was NOT supposed to be, We want something done and money replaced, it's been almost a month.Do you actually think we are going to forget about the money owed and needs put back on my card, You people don't seem to care if anything is made right or not. I am NOT one bit happy with people that STEAL money and cover it up, I will keep contacting you and Comerica and who ever else nesacary to get my money back

  • Updated by John Herbst, Oct 25, 2018

    Sorry to hear, I hope you have better luck with the DE than I did, I really want to wish you good luck. To me they are liars, not professional

  • Updated by John Herbst, Oct 25, 2018

    Harry W. Wrote you a response don't know if you got it?

Oct 24, 2018
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  • Ha
      Oct 25, 2018

    I'm with you sister. On September 7th I went to draw money out to pay rent. Over $565.00 was gone. I immediately called D.E, spent over an hour with them. I was told it could be 45-90 days? What? I want to know what happened to the ZERO LIABILITY clause. I called a couple of days ago and the girl in the level 2 dispute department read to me what the so-called investigators had decided. They were trying to deny my claim because I answered the questionair truthfully. When asked if I had given authorization to anyone to use my card? I said yes. Both my kids. Not realizing that they would imagine whatever they imagined. They are both college graduates, respectable young adults. It has been years since they have used the card, back when I couldn't leave the house to get medicine or groceries. I hope Direct Express realizes the damage that they are doing to the Master Card Brand Name.Sincerely Harry W.

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