Direct Energy (Enbridge) / scam

Balmoral Ave. St Clair, Toronto, ON, Canada

Enbridge is billing me, even though I moved from that location 8 months ago.

Rented an apartment in toronto, from 2008 until the end of may 2009. I
Have being paying around 20 dollars a month on gas (Bachelor apartemnt),
A month before I moved I called enbridge telling them that I wanted my
Service cancelled by the end of may 2009, I gave them my new address
Because they need it on file.
I moved by the end of may from that
Apartment. However, 8 months later, I received a letter from enbridge
Stating that I owe them 239. Dollars.
The first time I called, it was
Three months ago, the enbridge customer service guy said it was a
Mistake, (Clearly they had my new address on file and there was where they
Sent the invoice) and he said he would cancel the account, however, he
Was saying that the system would not let him close the account, he said he
Would fix the problem.

I call them a month later, and nothing had been
Fixed. The woman on the phone said they will start and investigation. She
Transferred my call to the enbridge investigation department, the woman
That answered the phone had a very bad attitude, and made it sounds as if
Everything was my fault.
She said that she was going to freeze my
And that they need a proof that I moved by the end of may,
(Right now I am working in alberta), which makes it difficult to deal with
This matter.
Now is may the 8 (Almost a year later), and this week I got a
New invoice stating that I owe them 260 dollars.

Credit score: the last
Month I applied for two credit cards, they were denied. I have been always
Paying my bills on time, however, for an enbridge negligence and
Malpractice I have to pay the consequences.

I am posting this message so
You do not fall on this. It is a waste of time, money and it brings bad


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