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Alinta Energy / disconnect

Aug 02, 2018

We have very difficult circumstances surrounding brain damage my wife has. I and her are both unemployed, her to disability requiring 24/7 supervision and me because she needs a 24/7 caregiver at home. Sometime around November or December we started getting $400-$500 electric Bill's, 3 to...

Alinta Energy / electricity company

Jul 09, 2018

I am writing regarding I was behind night light bill but constantly putting money on towards my bill and I also suffer as being a asthmatic seriously depression bipolar anxiety been dealing for quite some time with my epilepsy I also have a little young kids of mine that live there with me...

alinta / bill


Moved out of home and the country and they still charge me for the utility bills for a house that has new tenents in it! They told me they cant refund me the money they took out, (by mistake) unless i get a legal document saying when i moved from a real estate agent. The problem was that...