Allconnect Complaints & Reviews

ALLConnect / transferring service and false advertisement

Jan 09, 2019

I called Dominion Power to transfer my electric services and at the end of the call was connected to AllConnect. Not being familiar with the company, I assumed this was only a confirmation of my transfer of services. A rep came on the phone and immediately began to "sell" additional...

ALLConnect / customer service call with shelly @ 11:20 am pst

Jun 12, 2018

I was transferred to this company by SoCal Gas to verify my account and offer additional services. No other information was given to me by the SoCal Gas rep. I was connected to an incredibly unprofessional, rude and hostile rep named Shelly. I explained to her I was not familiar with...

ALLConnect / internet service

Aug 27, 2017

I was transferred on phone to AllConnect because SoCalGas advised me of certain deals I could receive. Have to say, wow, this company has some of the most aggressive salesmen! Immediately the sales agent tried upselling me internet services and sounded like I would be getting the best...

ALLConnect / utility services/sales

Apr 03, 2017

I just bought a new house and called my power company to transfer service into my name at which point I was transferred to Allconnect under the guise to "confirm my request". They started trying to sell me internet and security services etc. I said I was interested in looking at AT&T for...

ALLConnect / internet service "deal"

Feb 07, 2017

I was routed to AllConnect when trying to get the power turned on in my new apartment. I was talked into an internet service without being given any options or the opportunity to compare companies. When I tried to cancel the order I called customer service only to be re-routed to the...

ALLConnect / false representation of service and illegal hard credit run

Jul 05, 2016

I was referred and transferred to an All Connect agent after setting my utilities with PGE. The only reason why I even heard of them and accepted the transfer is because PGE (which I have to trust as a utility) transferred me there. From there, the All Connect agent said he could help me...

ALLConnect Inc. / fraud placing orders for contract w / dish network in direct violation w / customer's documented statement

Jan 19, 2016

I was referred to Allconnect through my military bank, USAA, which advertised them specifically on their website and showed the USAA Name and Emblem even after transferring to Allconnect. I am trying to determine what legal action I can take against this company for placing a 24 month...

All Connect / misrepresentation of authority

Jun 04, 2014

I was tricked into believing I was speaking to a representative of the utility companies. The very nice man promised to transfer my utilities at the same rate with one call. NEVER WAS I TOLD THIS IS A SEPARATE BUSINESS WHICH REPRESENTS A FEE-FOR-HIRE!!! They told me my cable would require...

ALLConnect / not fulfilling order

Apr 24, 2013

I called Allconnect to set up a package with Direct TV becuase Direct TV told me to call them. When I did I was talked into a "better deal". So far it has cost me hours on the phone and a game in which i was told several times the package is in place. today I was told that the package wa...

All Connect / home depot discount


Was told 3 times, in writing that I was entitled to a 10% off Home Depot Discount card. It is now a month later, I have about $3000 worth of items I need to order from Home Depot and I still don't have the card. When you call customer service, you can not be transferred to a...

ALLConnect / did not work as ordered/confusing/tricky


I would try to avoid this company if I had a second chance. I was routed to them after starting new service with my electricity provider in order to receive "promotional rates" on a variety of similar products. I then spoke to a gentlemen who sounded as though he was ready off of a script...

ALLConnect / oh my god, never easy


I never learn. If the deal is too good to be true, then it isn't! and that's what Allconnect is! Fraud and just passes the buck so it's out of their hands. I had a Time Warner (cable/internet) setup since they showed the best prices and I got a order# and line connection...

ALLConnect / scary service


Signed on for the internet/tv/phone service. Later, called the 800 number trying to cancel the service. The customer reps are extremely rude and gave me run around phone numbers to call. None of them allows me to cancel the service. In one of the call, I even ask the service rep why...

ALLConnect / liars & pushy


I was told I was being transferred to someone to review my order through the power co, but in fact was sent to this company in turn requested my social security # to verify if what they had in the system was correct tricking me to think I was still talking to the power company. Didn't...

ALLConnect / bait and switch


purchased package deal internet/phone/directv. advertised price 84.99. qwest bill 188.94. qwest wont help, directv wont help, allconnect most certainly isnt helping. steer clear, scam artists!