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I will not go into detail with all of the countless calls that I have made to Direct Energy and Atco. I...

door to door sales

I had yet another door to door sales man come to my home trying to rook me into switching to Direct...

consumer harassment

I live in the Baltimore Maryland area U.S and I recieve calls daily up to 2 times a day from direct energy...


Direct Energy comes to your door and asked to see your currant bill with London Hydro They offer you a fixed price on your hydro, but don't tell you that you will be paying the Provincial Benefit over and on top of the rate that they give you. The Provincial Benefit was always and still is included in the London Hydro Rates. The Price they fixed me at was 8.49 cents per kwh and now with the Provincial benefit billed separately the cost is 12.398 cents per kwh not what they quoted me. This amounts to quite a bit of money and when I asked to cancel the contract they want to charge me a very large cancellation fee. Crooks

  • Vi
    Victoria Mason May 31, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Direct Energy are Crooks

    I moved November 2009 from Stoney Creek to Grimsby. Although, I still owned the house in Stoney Creek until I sold it March 2010. I had been dealing with Direct Energy for my gas consumption through Union Gas and then fell under the Enbridge area. Once I had sold my home in Stoney Creek, I was notified by Direct Energy that I would be charged a cancellation fee of approximately $90.00. However, as a “valued customer” they were willing to transfer my 5 year contract to the new home to avoid these cancellation charges, so I agreed.

    Trusting that my bills were all in order, I kept paying them until I decided to clean up my bills for the year; I noticed some extra charges that I never agreed upon since June 2010 until now, April 2011. “Direct Energy Home Protection Plan $37.99/month + tax”! Excuse me? What is this? So now I start digging through previous bills, calculating how much I had been charged. Almost $500.00!

    But wait, that’s not it, I noticed that I was only paying approximately 15 cents/m3 usage with Enbridge from when I moved to Grimsby November 2009 until June 2010. But, then I had Direct Energy transfer my contract to avoid cancellation fees, not knowing that I was entering into a “NEW” 5 year contract at a rate of 38.8 cents/m3 of usage. Unbelievable!

    Time to call Direct Energy Customer Service. I spoke with an agent, which I found out that their calling center is located in India. I pointed out the Home Protection Plan charges of $37.99/ month and told them I had NEVER AGREED to this “Protection Plan” and they confirmed that I “inherited the plan” and “that is just what the system does”. I asked “isn’t that illegal?” and the agents’ response was “that’s why we are refunding you with no questions asked”. IS THAT SO?!!! WOW!!!

    Now I have been forwarded to another department (in India) for my gas charges. The rate Direct Energy confirmed that they had locked us in at was 27.9 cents/m3 for the “NEW” 5 year contract and the rate they were charging me (since JUNE 2010) is 38.8 cents/m3. WHAT HAPPENED?. The ACTUAL going rate through the Ontario Energy Board currently is 12.2495 cents/m3. I then asked for a manager which wasn’t available as all managers are gone for the day. Of course, I call at 10am and in India it’s 9pm. How convenient. The refund request of approximately $200.00 has now been escaladed to their “Investigation Department” and that they will call back within 10-15 business days regarding this issue. Lovely! I had also asked to cancel my contract term, which they were more then willing to waive a $40.00 cancellation fee. Although, this could take up to 45 days before the contract is cancelled.

    Overall, in total, I expect a refund of approximately $700.00 from Direct Energy.
    This is to notify everyone who is dealing with Direct Energy to have a careful watch on their monthly bills as they may just have “inherrated” a mystery charge on their bills and that it is not worth locking in a rate for a period of time as the gas consumption prices have gone down significantly since over a year ago.
    They are a bunch of crooks!

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  • Jo
    John11004 Jan 14, 2013

    On the phone right now been trying to cancel this unapproved $32.99 monthly charge for over 6 months. Was told in August that I had to wait until Dec or I would be charged the balance to cancel out. I too never signed anything. Not sure why the government hasn't shut this scam down.. once I'm successful in cancelling this fake contract, I'll be heading to court to have 2 years refunded to me.

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did not sign up for this service but am charged for it

I phoned their 1-800 number and she did not want to help me and hung up.
I sent three emails and received no response.
I mailed a letter to their head office and still no response.
I never signed up with Direct Energy and also did not realize this until I received the December bill for over $300 and I was only living in the house for half the month as my bill is paid automatically. This has been going on since 2007 without my authorization and knowledge.
I want them to tell me why they think I want their service?

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overbill scam

This large British company has all kind of scams, I wish I had checked the internet. Billed me for Natural Gas at $7.99 per MCF the rate should be 5.96600 per MCF or lower.

Last summer I signed up with Direct Energy Services LLC to get a special on Natural Gas that they were running: 10% off the dominion east ohio sco rate till the end of year, and then the monthly variable rate. Sounded good. Come January I received my gas bill. They had billed me at a outrageous rate. The puco chart shows their rate for the Direct Energy Monthly Variable Rate Plan is 5.96600 / mcf but they billed me 7.99 / mcf. The Standard Choice Offer (SCO) Rate of Dominion East Ohio is 5.4160.

I called Direct Energy and they said that the puco was wrong and the rate was 7.99 and direct energy refused to do anything about it. I called the puco and the puco said that they would ask Direct Energy why they did not charge me 5.9660. I also complained to The Office of the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel.

indoor meter reading

I have lived in my house for 16 years. My complaint is that I have complained to Atco about moving the ga...


I too was promised lower rates and signed a contract for my previous house. Low and behold the rates from hydro one were much cheaper actually half the cost! We recently moved houses and I decided to go back to hydro one. No where was I told that the contract followed me. As far as I was concerned it is null and void when I changed homes. I was hit with a $700 fee for apparently "breaking the contract". They never had cheaper rates from the very beginning so the sales people lied from the very start. Do not get mixed up with this company. They are the ultimate rip off artists.


My wife and I have been put through the ringer by Direct Energy. A few months ago we noticed on our Enbridge...

over billing

I had a contract with Direct Energy Essential Sevices that expired June 30. Direct Energy Regulated Services sent me a bill for June 28/29 saying that they automatically assumed my service since my contract expired. I had switched to anoter supplier that begat July 1.
I would bet that they do this to many unsuspecting cusomers just to obtain extra charges. This is outright fraud.

They say that they are two different companies but I see a direct link.

  • Jf
    jford Jan 24, 2011

    This happened to us and I have never been invoiced by another company for something I didn't purchase from them. Direct Energy Essentials practices Unethical Business !!

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billing and customer service

Bad Customer Service on the phone and billing us even we don’t even have any service from them anymore.

I called in Direct Energy On March 3 times about the Remove the Water Heater tank from my house. The representatives mentioned the Billing will stop as soon as we drop off the Water Heater tank in the Drop off Stations. So we did on March 29th, 2010 and we received the Removal number.
I still received the Billing from Direct Energy in April. I called and the representative told me it will take 2 or 3 billing cycles. I should still pay the bills, which I did until August Bill.

I called in August 20, 2010 3:30PM, the representative; “Kennel” answered my call. But I was on hold for 20 minutes. He said he was trying to call other department for this issue. At the end, he said he will call me back and I gave him my contact number. I NEVER HEAR FROM HIM.

I called back on August, 23, 2010 11:35 PM, the representative; “John” answered my call. He confirmed that I should get the refunded back. I was happy about that. But I forgot to check the refunded amount.

I called back on same day at 12:19 PM, the representative; “Ashley” answered my call. She gave me the total amount $95.03. But it was not the right amount. I asked her to give me the break down and she refused to do so. She said it was the system calculated and she couldn’t give me the break down but just the period – April 16, 2010 to August 23, 2010. Even I paid August bill in full.

I mentioned it should start from March 29th, 2010. She said they got the Water Heater tank from the Drop off station until April 16th, 2010. It was not my problem when your internal transfer the tank. It was in your company place and I got the confirmation on March 29th, 2010, you had the tank. I asked for the Supervisor and I got the run-around statement – “No Supervisor right now, he/she will call back you in 72 hours”. (NEVER HEAR FROM ANYONE!). I asked that what happen if no one calls back. She said call back here again! I bet Ashley never put my request for Supervisor, just like the first time – no one call me back.

I asked what about my last Friday’s call. She said no one record any call back from last Friday and no one called “Kennel” in the term.
I paid $22.99 + GST in past April/May/June and HST on July and August. I don’t get all my money back. It is crazy. Don’t ever trust them when they ask you to pay first and they will pay you back - WITH LESS THEN YOU PAID THEM for no service at all.

  • Ca
    Camallis Aug 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a similar problem. I just bought my house in April 2010. There was an old rusted out water tank in the basement - it was a fixer upper house. The water was turned off and the bottom was rusted out of the water heater. I called Direct Energy to see if it was their tank and if they could move it out - they advised it was not their tank. I paid to have it removed. I purchased a tankless water heater from a private company. Since then I have been billed by Direct Energy through Enbridge 12.99 for the water heater rental every month! Every month I call them and am reassured that I will be reimbursed but never am. In fact I was told to fax information over, which I did, and got no response. This month, I got another bill for this non-existent water heater and was told that they can't discuss this account with me anymore!!! Any ideas as to what I can do to resolve this?

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  • Je
    Jeffy Feb 03, 2011

    Too Bad, I found this post too late. I ordered my Battlestar Galactica Seasons Box set. Ididn't hear or receive any email confirmation. No reply on my 10 emails.
    Anyone know what is the name on your credit Card statement? I just checked no sure I have be charge it yet.
    Please help.

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  • Je
    Jeffy Feb 03, 2011

    Please regard the pervious comment. It was for other company.

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  • Je
    Jeffy Feb 03, 2011

    Hi Camallis, sorry the late reply.
    I also put the detail complaint in the It helped in someway. I got most of the money back.

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  • Br
    bradpaquin Jun 01, 2011

    My wife called and added our new house last September. We had 2 houses on one account through the winter and paid everything in full each time a bill came. Yesterday Atco (Alberta) shows up and tells my wife that they are at my house to disconnect as 'no customer application for service' was received... in 10 months!! I call thinking this is a mistake and then I get my first experience with Direct Energy "Customer Service"... FML!

    Long story short... I'm boiling water for the kids bath... getting a bill for an entire year and have company coming tomorrow with service not being reconnected until they leave... BEST part of this story... the supervisor at Direct Energy told me that not contacting me for 10 months (no letters, calls, nada) WAS MY NOTICE!!! Way to reach for that rainbow jackasses!

    I am switching to Enmax on Friday and everyone I talked with since discovering just how ###ic this company is has told me that they have had similar experiences and wouldn't touch Direct Energy on a bet... live and learn I guess.

    If anyone asks me from this point on... I'm tallying them to stay away from these clowns... maybe they can go back to whichever country their customer service department is in...

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negative contract renewals

This complaint pertains to dealings with Direct Energy and their contract renewal process. I was surprised...

Woodbridge Utility Services

billing confusion

My husband and I moved 2 years ago to a home that we built. My husband changed our service provider to Direct Energy. We started getting bills for Direct Energy and Direct Energy Regulated. They would give us a bill for $149.00, we would pay it. Next thing I knew we received a bill for over $800.00 for Direct Energy and then another bill for Regulated. We attempted many times to recify this issue but continued to get the "run-around". It has been very frustrated. We received yet another bill from them for over $800.00 in January. We cancelled them as our service provider and resigned with Enmax. We now have a bill of $1200.00 for Enmax and a $800.00 bill for Direct Energy despite making payments to our existing bills. I don't claim to be a highly intelligent person. I am a RN so I feel as though I should be able to 'figure' this out. I am frustrated to tears and each phone call I make ends up confusing me further. I feel (and know) that I am being taken advantage of. My husband and I are going to go broke. Because of our bills through Direct Energy we are unable to pay our others. I am seriously afraid of going bankrupt! Someone help, I don't know what to do. I work three jobs and make decent money---what is the problem?

  • Ri
    riffraffing Aug 12, 2011

    We are dealing with same thing. Did you come to any conclusions?

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  • Ri
    riffraffing Aug 12, 2011

    We are experienceing the same thing for years. They told us we must be leaking power into the ground and we put in a new line to the house at our expense. Did you come to any conclusions? Our bill is ridiculous. Ive switched companies and still no avail, super high power bills. We have a house. Thats it.

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protection scam plan

Do not sign up with Direct Energy Heating or Cooling Protection Plan. They have doubled billed me in my...

harassment by collections agency

They're up to their filthy tricks again. Direct Energy hires International credit Experts Incorporated...


Enbridge is billing me, even though I moved from that location 8 months ago.

Rented an apartment in toronto, from 2008 until the end of may 2009. I
Have being paying around 20 dollars a month on gas (Bachelor apartemnt),
A month before I moved I called enbridge telling them that I wanted my
Service cancelled by the end of may 2009, I gave them my new address
Because they need it on file.
I moved by the end of may from that
Apartment. However, 8 months later, I received a letter from enbridge
Stating that I owe them 239. Dollars.
The first time I called, it was
Three months ago, the enbridge customer service guy said it was a
Mistake, (Clearly they had my new address on file and there was where they
Sent the invoice) and he said he would cancel the account, however, he
Was saying that the system would not let him close the account, he said he
Would fix the problem.

I call them a month later, and nothing had been
Fixed. The woman on the phone said they will start and investigation. She
Transferred my call to the enbridge investigation department, the woman
That answered the phone had a very bad attitude, and made it sounds as if
Everything was my fault.
She said that she was going to freeze my
And that they need a proof that I moved by the end of may,
(Right now I am working in alberta), which makes it difficult to deal with
This matter.
Now is may the 8 (Almost a year later), and this week I got a
New invoice stating that I owe them 260 dollars.

Credit score: the last
Month I applied for two credit cards, they were denied. I have been always
Paying my bills on time, however, for an enbridge negligence and
Malpractice I have to pay the consequences.

I am posting this message so
You do not fall on this. It is a waste of time, money and it brings bad

customer service non-existing

House previously owned by now deceased father is vacant so I requested heat be turned off/disconnected...Direct Energy advised they need to have me complete and sign their cancellation form. This was done on March 24/10 upon getting signatures from my 2 siblings who own the home with me now. March 25/10 I faxed completed form to Direct Energy and presumed my request was dealt with. Nothing further was received from them--no call, no letter, etc.

On April 9/10 by sheer chance I called Direct Energy and was told 'the request is unclear' so nothing was done...heat remains on in the vacant home (which is a tear-down and not liveable) explanation by alleged supervisor Don Carter in Edmonton as to why...he instructed me to refax cancellation request form - which I then did. I then was unable whatsoever to reach him again at his so-called extension 3519 to confirm receipt or anything else (tho my fax machine on both occasions said it was successfully sent) centre is located in the Phillipines and when I phone there I get nothing but overkill profuse apologies from people trained to apologize for non-existing service. Meantime they continue to bill me for services not wanted and properly cancelled weeks ago...unfair trade practice to say the least and extremely poor customer service if it can even be called that.

  • Pu
    publiccalgary Jun 05, 2014

    direct energy regulated service they not called any one they sending without no reason disconecting to atco gas so atco gas asked other 119 dollers for to put lock on meter and unlock also atco not given prior notifation to public so i fel it all scamer

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sales practices and closing fees

I had been talked into signing one of these fixed rate contracts for hydro and Gas in the summer of 2008 by a...

unethical practices

A salesman for direct energy came to my home and talked me in to trying direct energy. He said I would hace...

illegal charges

Direct Energy and Enbridge both claim that St. Nektarios Greek Orthodox Church has entered into a contract with Direct Energy to supply gas to the Church and yet no such contract exists. A representative of Direct Energy informed me that a contract was made in 2003 for five years. They unilaterally renewed it in 2008 since the Church failed to not authorize Direct Energy and Enbridge to renew the supposed contract.
The Church has an account with Enbridge, not with Direct Energy. A reason audit has revealed that the Church is charged approximately three times the going rate for natural gas. These funds were fraudulently obtained and we are demanding that restitution be made.

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