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Complaints & Reviews


On January 27, 2020 I logged onto my Ambit Energy account. It reflected a balance owing of $0.18 so, I decided to chat with an agent to get claification on the bill. I was told that TDU sent an adjustment in the amount of $75.48 and that credit took care of my invoice for February.
I logged in last week and my bill reflected $81.08 and then today my bill reflect an amount of $145.08. They are saying that the $81.08 was for 11/25/19 thru 12/31/19 and that amount is due 2/13/20 and the $63.38 is due 2/26/20. I feel like that are overcharging me for service and I live in an apartment complex my bill shouldn't be this high.

excessive billing & high rate excessive plan, high handedness etc...

CEO - Complaintsboard

Re: SOS - Grievance: Ambit Energy, P.O.Box 864589 Plano TX 75086
Ref: A/C #A6153482, Syed Ahmed

Respected Sir/Madam - seasons greetings
My name is Syed Ahmed, Sr US citizen (of 84), US Govt retiree having worked for 40 long yrs, residing at 11555 Bissonnet St, Catalina Apt #911-1, Houston TX 77099 & I have to write as under to seek justice & your kind help:

For the first time in my life I leased an Apt listed above & living there with my wife. One of my friends introduced me to the Apt people who rented me the above one bed room Apt for two of us. There was no light in the Apt & they told me that I have to arrange for it. I asked my friend to arrange for it as I have no idea how to get it. He called Ambit Energy (that proved a black day for me) to provide electricity in my Apt. I asked my friend what is the rate they charge & he said about 7 cents per kwh. When the Co's letter came after 3-4 weeks it showed the rate over 0.9 cents and when the actual bill came, they included hidden charges, & charged me @ $0.15.8 per kwh, when the rate most Cos charge is 0.8 or 0.8.50 cent (powertochoose) per kwh. Ambit arbitrarily on purpose made my contract for a year without my knowledge & consent @ fixed rate (though charging @ variable rate 0.13.8 - 0.15.8) in order grab a penalty of $200 (when most Cos charge $50 or none) if I get out from their vicious circle before one year (they knowing the way they harass customer no one will stay long with them as soon he knows that they don't believe in "honesty is the best policy" to conduct business. Instead of giving me a senior discount, they arbitrarily put me in the most expensive Plan (of which I had no knowledge), thus they are squeezing my blood & looting me from all directions, height of cruelty. I found out they have given cheap plan (basics 12) to one couple in my neighbor & his bill comes around $70. Another family with 5 members (some other Co) get a monthly bill around $100.

My first bill (Jul-Aug) was for $30 for 11 day use of energy during the billing cycle. The second bill (Aug-Sep) was for $88 for 30 days. The 3rd bill (Sep-Oct) was for $83 (when the power was used for less than 19 days) as we were out of town for more than 11 days during the billing cycle & my apt was locked down. During this period the electricity was shut down & all the appliances were silent, sitting idle & not in use for more than 11 days but the difference between the two bills (for 30-day use & 19- day use) came to $5 (instead $30). When I did not use power for more than 11 days, they gave me a credit of $5 only (for no use of energy for more than 11 days) instead of $30 but when I used the power for 11 days they billed me for $30 & not $5. They don't have any answer or justification for excessive billing, for over 3-4 mos. The lockdown of my Apt for more than 11 days didn't affect the robust health of the bill which gradually continues to grow every month inspite of the austerity & precaution I take in the use of power i.e only one bulb used at a time where we sit & often we don't use A/C or heater for a week & more, I never use washer/dryer but they keep on sending inflated/enhanced/excessive bill - when the use of power is the same every month - please see the following on purpose continuous upward trend of the bill each month:
First bill - $30 - for 11 days
Second bill - $88 - for 30 days
Third bill - $83 - for less than 19-day use, should have been for $50
Fourth bill - $94 - for 30 days
5th Current bill - $130 - for 30 days - about $40 increase in a mos or about 40% p.m.
If the upward trend continues, soon the bill will cross the 200/300 mark.

I protested & wrote them a letter on 10/15/19 against excessive billing, giving above explanation, & have since sent them three reminders but they are so adamant/arrogant that they care a damn to respond & they make me suffer continuous financial loss. They have not even acknowledged receipt & now they have blocked my emails, being guilty conscious. They don't care to reply official/business letters & keeping mum as they don't have any justification for excessive billing. As such their silence amounts to silent confession of the charge of excessive billing which amounts to harassment & mental torture to a senior citizen leading to depression (I am in contact with doctors & lawyers, if anything happens to me I will sue the Co. for harassment, mental torture causing depression & damages for five million dollars at Co's risk, cost & consequences).
They are doing all this, under your kind jurisdiction, unchecked/unabated, king in their domain, thinking they are above the law & unanswerable to anyone. Electric Cos in poor countries send excessive billing & when their palm is greased, they reduce the bill. I am surprised to receive excessive billing here where the rule of law prevails. As such they deserve their license be revoked a/o should not be renewed for excessive billing, ill treatment, harassment, mental torture & gimmicks/scams used against the citizens in general & this USC in particular. There are unlimited number of complaints against Ambit, please see, such as increased rate more than 100% without notice, invoice tripled, unethical, worst customer service, shut electricity off without notice, bill too high, charging too much, worse energy co. stay far far away, devious business practice etc. etc. etc. Without knowing me or my problem they have endorsed me & I endorse them 100%, being the worst Co. I wonder how it escaped attention of the Govt agencies that they have not revoked its license with so many complaints from the public & bad record.
There is something wrong somewhere a/o they don't believe that honesty is the best policy to conduct business. Early Sept 2019 they sent me an email saying 9/6/19 will be the hottest day in Houston, shut down/reduced all appliances & if you do so the Co will give incentive which will be reflected in the next bill. I shut down power & all the appliances. They are the men of their word, the incentive promised was reflected in my bill in the form of excessive billing, this shows how honestly they are doing business & dealing with the customers, using gimmicks, scams, looting & making them fool.
We are the only two in my Apt and all my measures of austerity to use the minimum energy is being defeated, as the upward trend of inflated bill continues to grow as reflected in the fifth bill of $130 an increase of about $40 in a month, perhaps they think I am running an industry in my Apt. If the robust health of the bill continues to grow further & further, future bill will break my back, no matter what measures (to keep the bill down) I take, even if I keep all the lights etc shut for the whole month, it will not help because I have to deal with an arrogant, prosperous (by hook or by crook) & progressive Co that is building empire @ the cost of citizens.
It's the responsibility of the Co to check & supply/install faultless meter etc before a consumer starts using it to save him from the uncalled for penalty of excessive billing for no fault of his. Kindly save me from their clutches/open jaws, cruelty, high handedness, arrogance, damn care & uncooperative attitude, excessive billing, keeping mum not responding on official important matters, gimmicks, scams & blocking my letters etc. etc.

As such I appeal & request your honor kindly direct the Co:
1. stop excessive billing & refund the amount charged for excessive billing
2. change the duration of contract, arbitrarily fixed for a year without my knowledge & consent, to three months (automatic renewal if I don't cancel after 3 mos) so that I can get out of their vicious circle if they don't come to terms listed a/o as soon as I find a fair & honest Co. Reduce the penalty to $50 if I get out early from their clutches, as is charged by the other companies
3. reduce the rate to 8.50 cents, with no gimmicks/scams & hidden charges, charged by other Cos & give me the cheapest plan they give to other customers
4. stop gimmicks/scams & making fool of the innocent customers & also please pay attention to the complaints of the citizens listed above
5. stop harassment, mental torture (leading to depression) of one of the senior most citizens, excessive billing & act in a gentle manner by addressing genuine concerns of the consumer, keeping mum will never solve a problem
6. please come to my rescue (& others) & save me from their open jaws, highhandedness & monopoly. Please revoke their license a/o please do not renew it any further.

I thank you for your good nature, consideration, prompt action, help & quick response to a USG retiree in the interest of justice, equity & fairplay. I am depending on your infinite wisdom for justice & prompt action. I apologize if this may cause you any inconvenience.

God bless you.

Thanks & Regards.

Syed Ahmed,
Add: 11555 Bissonnet St., Apt #911
Houston TX 77099,
Ambit Energy Account #A6153482,
my Email add: [protected] -


my energy rate increased more than 100% without notification.
The energy consumption did not change it is the same than the previous Months
The Monthly bills available on line disappeared, my rewards disappeared, I was in a night free energy plan and it was changed without notification.
The average bill on the last 20 Months was 200.00 this bill is 526, 94

my invoice

My invoice tripled due to a "market rate" plan that I was not aware that I was on. I have been with Ambit for over 8 years and never felt mislead until now. Employee gave me 10% off and a week later a manager called me and said she would give me 20% off of my invoice. Turns out that she apparently meant only an additional 10% off and not from my invoice but from a portion of my invoice. I asked for another manager to review the phone calls because I know that they are recorded and I was told that only 20% off is allowed and it's never on the invoice price. I no longer trust this company and will no longer recommend it to my friends, family, and followers.


I have been with Abmit energy for several years. Ambit requires a plan change periodically. I have paid an average of 8.927¢ on each bill as shown in the attachment. The most recent plan change was confusing and I obviously chose incorrectly, because Ambit now expects 19.4¢ per kilowatt. While I understand they place the responsibility on the consumer to choose the plan, I do not believe it is ethical to force an individual to pay an outrageous amount such as this. Ambit is using this as an opportunity to overcharge and profit from confusing, forced rate changes.
I called Ambit 3 separate times. Each time, I asked for a supervisor. Each time, I requested a reasonable plan be added to my account and back dated. I explained that although I had not paid over $184.00 since October of last year, (as far as I can see in the history, ) I would be happy to pay $200.00 and move forward as a customer. All three times, I was refused.
I feel as though this was a reasonable solution to the problem. Most companies would be willing to compromise to this rather than blatantly price gouge their customer.
Sadly, I will be searching for a new company today. I am told that I am not the only person who is being taken advantage of by Ambit.
I have now asked that the Public Utility Commission of Texas step in and help assist consumers of this company who are being forced into ethical and deceitful electric charges. I have done everything I know to do as an individual.

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customer service

Forget about getting real customer service. if you want to pay a bill on telephone line- the machine consistently (on more than 4 occasions) wont acknowledge my ssn or account number. furthermore, if your electricity goes out due to power outage, they tell you a few days to call Centerpoint. Also, several of their reps are convicted felons recruited by Willi Lutti (Galveston TX area)

after 8 years of being a customer they shut my electric off without proper notice.

I have been a customer with Ambit for over 8 years never had my electric disconnected, I travel for work and...

Ambit energy customer service

My name is Alma Martinez my husband and me called at customer service to be helped for our bill because it is too high more than $400 dls and we don't have the A/C or Heater turn on and we leave at our property only 4 persons so this employee name Howard answered the phone and he was so rude and disrespectful he doesn't want to help her just keep saying that he can only take payments and he can tell us only how much we owe it told him that we need to solve the issue or if we can speak to the Mgr. He kept repeating the same words honestly what we are thinking that this company is just worry about the payment not the customers need it need the Mgr. To contact us because we want to cancel our service and I am a real este agent I will make sure that all my clients not to come with this company the employees are very incompetent, rude and disrespectful no customer need this type of service so I will be waiting for a Mgr to give us a call if I don't here from yall we are going to change diferent provider and we will despute this bill with the credit bureau saying that yall are doing fraud and given variable rates whenever my husband signed an agreement at no variable rate so if in 48 hrs no one contact us we will do the right things for us


I signed a 12 months contract with Ambit Energy in August 2016 for a low rate. I always check all my bill...

Charging too much/devious

I have been an ambit energy customer for my gas supplier since 2008. I am on a "guaranteed" plan that saves me a minimum of 1% under nicor gas prices (I live in il). Every year, i get an analysis of the rates by each company. If nicor is less, ambit sends me a check of the difference. Been on this plan the whole time since 2008. All of a sudden i get a gas bill that is unusually high, the next month it's the most i've ever paid in 22 years! I realize they are charging me $1.06 per therm!!! Nicor was .27 same period!!! So i called and said how can you charge me quadruple what nicor is charging?? They said they sent me a renewal letter in august... I did not receive the letter. Also, when i called, she verified my e-mail address. They had it on file and why didn't they send an e-mail??? Now they are telling me it will take 1-2 billing cycles to get me back to nicor. I'm done with them. Can't stand dishonest, devious companies. I wonder how they sleep at night charging that much? I am a business owner and whenever i see a huge mark-up for srp price, i can't ask that. I'd like to sleep at night. Think twice before switching or signing up with ambit energy. Never again for me!

Charging after cancelation

Absolutely the worse energy company! Stay far far away!!! I signed up with them in 2012. They screwed me with...

Resolved Devious business practices

I had an appointment to visit the home of Kevin & Rose Duncan with Ambit Energy of Round Rock / Webster TX to...

worst customer service

I called and asked if I could get a 48 hours extention so my electric wouldn't get turned off and they told me no. I am on disability with two children I have never had my electric shut off and have been with ambit for 5 years. they proceeded to tell me they were sorry they there was nothing they could do and good luck! worst customer service I have dealt with in my 35 years on earth!!! on top of it all I have $205.00 dollars on my credit from them from an address I have never lived at!!!

Fraud and breech of covenant of good faith

On Thursday February 5, 2015 at 7 PM, I attended a meeting along with my girlfriend at a restaurant to...


In October 2012, I was notified by a collection association that I owed a utility bill from 2 1/2 years ago. I called Ambit Energy - was told five different times that I had a zero balance. I complained to the BBB as well as to the CEO, Jere Thompson as I could not get an answer. SOMEONE named Sara called me representing Mr. Thompson stating that this company had a NEW collection agency. However, they would clear my account, notify all credit bureaus and the Credit Protection Agency that the account was closed. The date of this call on behalf of Mr. Jere Thompson was December 19, 2012. The first week of January 2013 I received more collection letters. The BBB of Texas notified me that SOMEONE named CAEZAR from Ambit states that "Sara" had misspoken to me about the account. Again, I owe money - differing amounts depending oon who you talk to.

  • Lu
    lularedd Jun 14, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ambit energy needs to be investigated and stopped, how many people are going to be their victim's before they are shut down.. I changed to TXU and just received my final bill from Ambit for $155.99 13 days at 0.162kWh. They are such a rip off.. Unbelievable.. Another thing to complain about with them.. I have already submitted one complaint regarding them disconnecting my service voiding my contract and charging me a higher rate.. I also filed a complained with the BBB who gives them an "A" rating.. Hopefully people will beware of Ambit Energy.. This company is a on going SCAM..

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  • Am
    Ambit Energy Jul 09, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Can you be more specific about your claim? If your service was disconnected, was it because of non-payment? If you were disconnected due to nonpayment, there may have been fees to reconnect you. Also, which dates were you charged these rates? We would like to confirm that you received a fair deal based on our service agreement.

    If you would prefer to discuss this with our Customer Care team at 877-282-6248, we'll do our best to resolve any confusion.

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  • Ar
    Arron Johnson Sep 09, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ambit Energy is a great opportunity for people looking save on their energy cost and at the same time help others save on their energy costs. Currently Ambit is the #1 Top earning company as per INC 500 Magazine. Do I need to say any more?

    We just made a major announcement of expanding markets and we are now able to offer the same savings opportunity to small businesses in TX.

    I can go on and on about how great Ambit Energy is. Three thumbs up .. oops sorry I only have two thumbs. :)

    Find out Why does Ambit Energy Work?
    Save money and Join Ambit Now

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  • Ra
    raju bala Jul 01, 2014

    For just 4 days they were billed 96$. is it really a genuine bill?
    I wanted to check it up is there any way to get resolve this problem?


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My bill was $200 in which was paid on the disconnect day. On my way home from paying the bill, my lights were...


Ambit has charge me with an amount for usage for their electricity But no one had authorize sign up with this company in this household. I had Called them and ask why was i charge when i didn't authorize the sign up, they gave me an answer saying they can't do nothing about it beside charging me for the month and next months. This is not how this should be dealt, furthermore the person was not understand the situation asked a supervisor for helped in which gave me that answer.

  • Mo
    mosa Aug 19, 2009

    I feel usuless to for having Ambitergy as my provider for three years. When i was moving to a new apartment and wanted to charge the provider they ripped me off. They disconnected my electrict before my time of moving, i had no balance for those years and other month when i called back they said when people switch to different providerthey run with their money it was a kind of warning... They wanted me to pay before due date. When i moved that day they started calling my phone thrice a day, finally at the end of the week they refered me to the collection agents. They are rude as heal when you talk to them. My fellow citizen take ambitenergy the last option or buy candle to provide you with light.

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All of the people in here don't have a clue how an electric company work... let me explain...It doesn't matter who's your electric provider, it could be; txu, direct energy, ambit, etc...the people that read the meter is ONCOR. Oncor are the people that own all the meters, poles, and wires in ur area...for cities in the south could be CP, or AEP texas, cities in the north could be TNMP.. They read the meters and send the usage to your electric provider..The electric provider just bills you for the usage... Depending on what plans ya'll have with them...with ambit... they have a 12month, 24month, 6month term plans... they also have a ambit standard energy plan..and a variable plan... you are put in a variable plan if u don't renew ur term plan... if u don't renew your term plan as soon as ur contract expires you are put in a variable rate..of course at a higher rate 14cents/kwh or even 16cents per kwh... AMBIT sends you letters, and even calls you to let u know that your contract is about to expire..if u don't renew your term plan, IT IS UR FAULT!!!... if u don't get the letters, its not AMBIT'S fault they are not responsible for the cities post office...if u get a high invoice, it's not AMBITS FAULT... they are just billing you for the reading ONCOR provides to them... they are just billing you for the usage you used each month.. now if u get's not ambit energy's fault... ITS YOU AS THE CUSTOMERS FAULT... AMBIT sends you disconnection letters and calls you to let u know when is the last day to make a pmnt to avoid interruption of svc and addtl fees... Yes, they don't offer extensions but they do offer Payment Arrangements... if u rather pay something else, like cable bill, cell phone bill, clothes, beer, go out to the club, then to pay your electricity bill IT'S UR FAULT!!!...don't blame the company for the way you don't know how to budget your money... and when you are put on a AMBIT STANDARD ENERGY PLAN energy rate of prob 15cent or 16cents per kwh, its bc there has been 2disco orders in the past's in the terms and conditions...READ THEM!!!... it's also on the disconnection letters READ THEM!!!... and when people say they use the same electricity as last month...come on!!...How do ya'll know that??? lol ...

  • Ja
    Janet Sanchez Apr 08, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    No. Ambit are a bunch of crooks. After my contract was up, I canceled my services with them. They kept my security deposit after they reassured me that some of it will go to my last bill and what ever is left they will mail it to me in check form. My last bill charges were $39 for energy charge which was for 13 days, 5.94 for oncor, 5.29 for taxes and fees and 122.98 for current miscellaneous charges!! which no one can give me an answer on what EXACTLY is current miscellaneous charges. So, they kept my 160 dollar deposit to use towards the last bill plus I still owe them 11 dollars because my total bill was 173.57. It does not make any sense especially my bill every month varied from 100 to 120 which I don't get why especially for the fact I was barely home but thats another story. So idc the are #### and alot of people who I personally know who use to have Ambit had a bad experience as well.

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Ambit Energy turned off my electricity to my business in the middle of a business day after I tried several times to pay my bill. I had to pay $900 extra dollars in addition to the normal balance due in order to get service restored. They even pulled up on their screens that I showed that I had attempted several times to pay. Ambit stated that I they were not familiar with my account number. The representative stated that I should have registered my account to have online access, but I have been with the company for six months and never registered and never had a problem with payments by phone or online. They also didn't recognize my social security number. I was told that it must have been a computer glitch every time I attempted to access my account online or on the computer to pay. This company cares nothing about its customers at all.

  • Tc
    TC-Texas Apr 30, 2012

    I paid my bill and even after I paid my electricity was disconnected 5 days later..the next month I received my bill and there was a second set of disconnection and connection fee even though they never disconnected the service...they claim just because I was late they sent a disconnection letter and even if it doesn't happen they can charge me for those fees...they refuse to refund the fees..I spoke with Oncor and they have on their records that there was no disconnection and they did not charge the fee to Ambit..they still went ahead and charged to me...a total rip off company

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  • 12
    1234none Mar 13, 2014

    If you have a business account with them they do not charge disconnect or reconnect fees. If your having a problem with your payment method try using a different method. You cannot blame the company because you did not pay your bill in time. Maybe next time don't wait until the power is out to pay the bill?

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I am a new ambit energy customer and hadn’t had a problem with them until last month. I recently had a...