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Digi is highly unethical, it never fails to raise my blood pressure each time I'm back in Malaysia.
1. Spams me with nonstop commercials daily and nightly when I sleep!
2. Helpline is filled with hidden commercials, operator press #1, then -commercial- service press 2 -commercial-
bla bla till finally operator on 4th or 5th try. Wow..
3. Promotions filled with hidden traps" free 100mb internet for 2 days! I used it, it charged me RM8 instead, due
to over quota... oh duh, I wasn't informed of that! To unsubscribe press 126 1 1 1 1 or sth, I did, it SUBSCRIBED
a $3 net instead!!! And subject to autorenewal! Wow...
4. Thought fine, so I disable autorenewal on my old card, OH DISABLED, due to expired, pls topup. Fine.. topping up RM30
for a months net... it auto renews RM3 immediately!!! whether I like it or not!!!Therefore I'm left with RM27, unable to subscribe to RM30.
When Called helpline this was their reply:
"If I "I'm sorry sir, we cannot refund, if I help, I will be penalised!" so Digi is so anal about helping customers? The customer
didn't give a hoot in paying RM30, but Digi will penalise its workers for refunding an AUTORENEWAL the customer doesn't NEED? Told the customer
svc person I never ask for autorenewal and I haven't even used it yet, can I at least get a refund? "I"m sorry sir, we cannot refund you on
something you've agreed upon". Have I agreed for it to be autorenewed or Digi simple forced it onto customers throats?!?!
Nvm, I transfer RM3 to my $27 account making it $30... it DEDUCTS 70cents from it making it 2.30!!! And further deduct 0.30 to the receiver account wow!!!
Again Digi eat my $1 just for transferring $3!!! And ended up not $30, so I did it for 2nd time, thus losing RM2 on the fly only made my account $30 thus enabling the $30/mth 3g 600mb. What is 600mb? Just a few youtube movies!!! 1-2days usage!! then it restricts my speed to 62K or somethingbut it's actually highly volatile and unstable from 0.1k-6k only!!! Keep spamming sms to me asking me to pay more surf more. I can hardly browse pics, it's not even running on 60k, they purposely made it difficult for users, as to subscribe more $$$ to them again and again. All in all I've always wasted tons of $ on Digi, keep digging and digging and customer service is useless, Digi don't give a HOOT on cheating customers and I can vouch on that!! No more digi for me but I do sincerely hope they get penalized by an honest government body someday.

Apr 05, 2013
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  • Az
      Mar 03, 2016

    Plss help me.. I need my refund bcause before this i hav reload rm30 and buy the internet package rm30 for one month.. But after 2week on 3rd march 2016 my credit goin to 0 without any reason.. Then all the internet package n free calling service to buddy is i decide to topup rm5 at the night 3rd march 2016 in the same day.. Then i check back my couta internet and still active.. when i turn on my data suddenly my credit going to 0 back in few second.. I fill so disspointed.. Plss dear digi i need my refund.. This is my number (0106696157)

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