I am writing on behalf of my sister. She flew with delta yesterday morning at 9am on flight number 5552 and was charged $140 for checking a second bag and because they said the second bag was over the weight limit. We made sure and insisted that they please do everything possible to make sure the bags would get to their FINAL destination, the agent looked at us like we were idiots and said: 'of course they will get there!' My sister had a connecting flight in detroit and when she got to her final destination in Lansing Michigan, her bags were nowhere to be found. She filed a claim of course but the problem is that Delta and Northwest are pointing fingers at each other! She booked the flight on Delta! She flew with Delta! Its not her fault if Delta buys Northwest and operates Northwest yet customers are lead to believe they are two separate companies! It has been a very frustrating experience to say the least! especially after paying the airline $140 and they still cant get the bags to their final destination!!! The bags are now in some airport somewhere. The customer service people have not been helpful at all! Both my sister and I have emailed Delta/Northwest yesterday and now almost 16 hours later, still no response! My advice: stay away from delta/Northwest. choose another airline!

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