Delta Airlines / supervisores & managers @ &tf green airport&/ri

"TF Green Airport" location, Warwick, RI, US

The supervisory/managerial staff for Delta Airlines, at this airport is horrible! The utter unprofessionalism, bullying tactics, total disregard for company policy, and overall insensitive nature of the supervisors, & managers there, is off the radar. The staff themselves, clerks, handlers, etc., are very kind, helpful, & patient, & respectful, but these unfortunate employees are ruled by low-level classless leadership, who are opportunists, slackers, and run via "click" tendencies. Unsupportive, careless leadership. It is a shame that key positions are often held by persons with not only desperately poor social qualities, but vindictive ego-fueled, arrogant jerks, who would rather lead through intimidation, rather than through the harder, but more worthwhile compassion, and sincerity. Delta- Get your act together and listen to employee feedback, and know who your supervisors, & managers are, and HOW they are to your lesser, but just AS IMPORTANT workers!!!

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