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Delta has developed a new process when attempting to redeem an American Express Skymiles Companion tickets. Before booking a companion ticket, I always check out various itineraries to see which is the best day. I then write down the flight information (date and flight number). I then start over and use the Companion Ticket option. I select the exact same dates and flights and the price jumps a minimum of $35.00. When I first questioned Delta on this, they came back with the standard response of "number of seats available", "prices change constantly" and "different level of booking". When I would not accept those excuses, I continued to pursue the question and the latest response is "there is a fuel surcharge for flights to that city, and increasing the fair is the only way to do that for the companion ticket it to increase the regular ticket." I went back and reviewed the "terms and conditions" of the Companion Ticket and it states that you are responsible for any fees or taxes on the Companion Ticket. While I am sure that Delta considers the fuel surcharge as an additional "fee", it should be reflected in the "fee and taxes" line of the ticket. Increasing the regular price is deceptive. I have been a loyal Delta Skymiles customer ever since Eastern Airlines went under, I am a Million Miler, but lately I am getting very disappointed. I have been told that fairs are higher flying out of a major hub (Atlanta) because the airline has higher expenses (this was in response to my question of "why is it more expensive for me to fly from ATL to LAS then it is for my nephew to fly from BOS to LAS, especially since he had to change planes in Atlanta and get on my same flights?). Ever since the merger with Northwest, trying to obtain a mileage flight has become a joke, , , , the flexibility they advertise does not exist and I was told that even though it shows "low" on the website when using flexible days, it may not be true since that portion of the site is not always up to date. If you do find a "low mileage" flight, you have to change planes in Detroit and a 3 hour flight now takes almost 6 hours. With Southwest Airlines now moving into Atlanta, , perhaps Delta will return to looking out for their frequent flyer, or they won't have any.

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      23rd of May, 2012

    theres a website called reservation rewards. are you sure it wasn't for their service instead of Southwest?

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