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Delta Airlines / the experience was entirely too ridiculous and unprofessional

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I have two complaints concerning Delta airlines. Both occurred on the same trip. My first complaint is concerning Delta Airlines was on July 26, 2006. Upon arriving to Seattle on flight 1115, it took 1 hour and 45 minutes to get our luggage. We were repeatedly told over the speaker that the luggage would arrive momentarily and directed to a new baggage claim unit. One person was told by an airport employee that four cars of luggage had just been sitting without anyone unloading. Another delta flight arrived after ours and received their luggage 45 minutes before us.

We traveled as early as we did that day so that we could visit Mt. Rainer while on that end of Seattle. By the time we got our luggage, the time needed to make such a trip was lost. Delta's employee encouraged me to call [protected] as he noted that this incident was “ridiculous and needed to be reported.” When I spoke to your representative via telephone, I was told that such a wait time was “acceptable.” I hope the appropriate people at Delta disagree with her assessment.

My second complaint concerning Delta Airlines was on Aug. 1, 2006 and stretched well into Aug. 2, 2006. Delta actually added a stop to our flight home at the last minute. We were to go directly from Atlanta to Raleigh on flight 1110. At the last moment before boarding, we were informed that we would be making an extra stop in Greensboro, NC to drop off a group of teenagers. We did make such an extra stop. That is not the service I paid for. I paid for a direct flight and that is not what I received.

Since we were traveling with young children, the delays caused by Delta's choice of added stops created great hardship on our children who were not fed properly and were kept up past bed time far exceeding even the Pacific time zone.

Michelle Schrader with customer care returned a polite but completely dismissive letter to me on Aug. 24, 2006. No compensation of any sort was made.

My family has made numerous flights subsequent to the events of late July. WE DID NOT FLY WITH DELTA, AND WILL NOT AGAIN UNTIL COMPENSATION IS MADE. The experience was entirely too ridiculous and unprofessional. I have often wondered why Southwest is making money and Delta is often rumored in bankruptcy. I now know why.

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  • Ch
      21st of Nov, 2006
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    I live in Atlanta and fly Delta quite frequently. On a recent business trip to Hawaii, I returned to Atlanta on a red eye flight only to sit at baggage claim for an hour plus waiting for my bags to come off the flight. I wasn't alone, and when they finally came off, I was probably in the first 10% to get their bags. So I went straight to their baggage complaint area to log one.


  • Su
      12th of Apr, 2007
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    I just returned from Florida to jfk on Monday evening. Our luggage also took over an hour. I also booked this trip 5 months ahead of time. Delta changed the flight time 3 times and i had booked the front of the plane and we wound up in the back. The final flight change was a nightmare because i received an automated phone call as the car was pulling up in front of my home to take us to the airport, only to find out this newest change was another 2 hour delay. And of course since it was automated i had nobody to speak to!! Never again!!! People were getting bumped going and coming!!! I heard nothing but horror stories from many of the passengers

  • Jo
      16th of May, 2007
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    I am a travel agent and I would not sell Delta. I sold them once (unknowingly through a code share through Air Jamaica). Clients were booked non-stop from Atlanta to St. Lucia. Delta decided a month beforehand to cancel flight for the day. Left client to travel with a connection (not fun). I'm about service - not hassle. I have heard so many terrible stories through the travel industry - the last one a scam with a voucher that they offered a psgr for bumping (not redeemable online) - only at the airport where they wanted to charge an additional $200. When inquired about the pricing online, psgr was told that this was run by a different company and could not offer price to psgr and also that psgr should not care since they are saving $400.00.

    Delta has had to come out of bankruptcy - they need every nickel they can get their hands on, however they won't see a Nickel from me.

    The point is - if you want a decent airline and a good experience - try to avoid Delta - even if you think it's saving you $10.00, the aggravation you'll receive is really not worth it.

    If you have frequent flyer miles and feel obliged to use them, go ahead - but in the meantime, sign up with another airline loyalty program.

    All in all - just trying to give some good advice. If they won't make themselves accountable, I guess it becomes our job. If we could just see to it that we stay clear of them, maybe it will finally send a message.

    We have enough trouble to deal with in our lives - why look for more.

  • Ra
      3rd of Jun, 2009
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    Today Delta cancelled my international flight to Kenya last minuite. No one notified me! Then they just said that they "could" rebook me tommorow, but theres a chance the flight would get cancelled! When i asked when I can fly on a confirmed trip, they said they dint know, at which point i asked to speak to the supervisor/manager. In all honesty, i know, and understand that flights can and do get cancelled and thats fine, but the way the airline handeled was very amateur, and had me very upset!
    So i ask to speack to the Super, but it seemed like they were too busy for me. I satayed there WAITING for two hours! No compensation or any confirmed flight! I have to take a cab again tommorow..with chance that ill be returning back-very probable!

    ONCE THE COMPANY HAS RECIEVED YOUR PAYMENT, THEY PUSH THEIR RESPONSIBILITIEs away! THis company focuses only on profit, with the worst customer service i have EVER dealt with. When i asked the flight attendant--who by the way was extremely unhelpful--with whom i could speak to about customer disatisfaction, she told me that no one was available! Great..i guess after i paid for my ticket they were done with me!!

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