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I will never buy a dell again... I have had sooo mny problems... Noone the I speak with speaks much english... They dont care and laugh when I am upset. This has been one of the worst experiences ive ever had. These people have been horrible. It has taken 3 months to get my computer... I finally get it and it is the wrong one. When I call dell they always tell me that they cannot help me... Or the do not understand what I am saying... Seriously!!! Omg

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      Sep 24, 2009

    so im super escxited knowing that i had just bought a 1000$ Dell Desktop computer. I week goes by and finally get feedback that ill be getting it on thursday so and so. they show up at my door with the computer so i sign the paper and off i go. i go to open the box and my screen is not even in there. i ordered a complete set desktop computer with a mouse, keyboard and moniter and theres no moniter. i call dell and they said "hey i wouldnt mind getting my moniter later on because were hand making it as we speak." i was fired up. so i get my wonderful computer that i paid 1000$ for but they dont ship me the moniter to actually use my computer. how stupid is that. why didnt they just wait till they had everything made then send it out? dont ask me ask DELL AND COSTCO.

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  • Me
      Dec 01, 2009

    I went onto last Wednesday and purchased a desktop PC. ALL the options were defaults so it's not like it was a crazy customized desktop. After I completed the order, I received confirmation later that night that it had been processed. I called the next morning to confirm when I may get the computer and to my shock, they informed me that it was coming from the US. If I had known that purchasing a computer from a Canadian website was actually being built and shipped from the US, I would NOT have completed the order. I would save over $100 by buying it from vs so I'm shocked why when the Canadian dollar is doing so well, they are profiting huge by selling to me using very old, outdated exchange rates, but this isn't my largest complaint.

    I was told the day after processing the order that it's about 8-10 business days for delivery, which I accepted, but soon discovered that the estimated shipping dates were much later than that. I finally spoke with a manager today who then told me that delivery is typically a month. I live in a very large city, so a month to get a PC? Are you kidding me?

    I then called customer service to complain and he even told me that the website had been going through maintenance over the last week and that the PC I had ordered was not in stock and is backordered, yet the site did not inform me of this. I never, ever would have ordered it if I thought it was backordered and would take a full month to received. Absolutely ridiculous!

    I deal with many different companies both at my job and personally, and cannot begin to express the horrible customer service and attitude of employees and supposed managers working at these companies. The economy is in the crapper. You should be happy to have a job in the first place and companies, you should be doing everything possible to please us customers keeping your company alive. Without us, you're nothing. Start acting that way.

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  • St
      Dec 03, 2009

    Yeah, I totally agree to what all of you have been saying regarding Dell Canada's poor customer service and technical support. I solidly recommend that everyone avoid this company like the plague and take their business elsewhere!

    I placed my order over a month ago and it still hasn't arrived. They never responded at all to two separate emails that I sent. And when I phoned last week, they couldn't tell me at all when the item was actually going to ship. This company has no idea at all how to properly treat customers, and they have gone steadily downhill over the past year. They also have a tendency to bounce you around from one person to the next while you wait for a long time on the other end of the phone. Well, the good news is that today I finally cancelled my order. Never again Dell, never again. You have lost my business for good.

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  • Fe
      Jan 31, 2010

    First I want to say that I have used Dell for years. I have purchased several computers and laptops via Dell as well as recommended it to others that have purchased from them.

    My mother purchased a CD/DVD drive for my Dell mini as a Christmas gift. She purchased it early so it would get to her before Christmas day. The drive had an eSATA connector and has been shown as an accessory for their Dell Mini (which I had). Well the Dell mini I have, and one she bought for Christmas for my dad neither one had an eSATA port! So I called Dell to see if I could exchange it for one with a USB port. It was brand new, in the box, not ever used. They said they only exchange items within 21 days of purchase date. Since it was purchased in time to be received for Christmas during the holidays, it was past the 21 day limit and nothing could be done. Most companies understand and exchange Christmas items as good customer service. As a very long time customer I was astonished to hear not only the lack of concern in the voice of the tech person (that called after 5 or 6 emails that they kept resending asking me for the SAME info I sent 4-5 times before), but that they would not even exchange it for something that did work understanding it was still a brand new never been used item!

    Needless to say that they won't be getting my business, or my mother's, and hopefully none of those that ask me to recommend things as I am an computer tech and am often asked! Dell won't ever care about those of us they wrong until we stop buying from them! It's the only power we have!

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  • Da
      Feb 01, 2010

    Excuse me, but Dell did nothing wrong! A large company cannot just bend the rules to suit one customer. I bought my new system from Dell last year, and have nothing but praise for this company.

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  • Kd
      Feb 04, 2010

    Purchased a Dell laptop Nov.2009.Two months to the day it stopped working. Call Dell for help and support.After finally getting through all the automated prompts I finally get to talk to someone in India who speaks very hard to understand English.After hrs they determine I need a new hard drive. (2 month old computer!) Sent me a new hard.I thought great!Had to go through all the prompts again, disconnected so many times I lost count.Finally get through, not kidding three hrs and Tech Support could not help. My computer still does not work. Called the number of the tech that sold me useless soft and hard ware warranties to find out his extension was not longer a valid number.And no one at Dell could even find any information about me! They sent me a hard drive in the mail.They charged me for warranties but they could not find information about me to help fix my computer. Every time I did get through I asked for a supervisor because I wanted this computer replaced. None there.When you do get one they cannot authorize a return. Their conversation or lack of is so scripted it is almost funny."I understand your frustration"...Thank you for calling Dell...Have a good evening". I have had so many promises from tech support of return calls that never came. Techs that were going to call the next day to meet with me at my home to fix my problem computer. Yeah right. Still waiting on the rep this after noon who promised if we got disconnected he would call me right back. I finally got fed up with Dell and called the store where I purchased the computer. They, spoke easy to understand English, did not disconnect me, called back when they said they would and agree to exchange my computer for another one. Will it be a Dell? NO WAY! Never again. Thanks for great customer service Best Buy. Something Dell should think about. Kelly Dolan

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  • Ja
      Aug 12, 2010

    DELL...definition...REINSTALL...after 4 support calls..with an unresolved issue...they again say reinstall to solve problems with dells windows and registry if the other reinstall shouldn't have resolved it...poor tech support...robotic polite anybody out the Twilight Zone...doesn't matter their both the same...and I asked for a supervisor number and got the don't call me I'll call you...and quess what...NOT...the most unhappy experience I've had with a product..unless it's a big company...consumers are on their own...THANKS response from them...bad company...

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  • Ma
      Dec 11, 2010

    Dell maybe cheaper than most competitors in Malaysia but their customer service sucks! Upon receipt of my order acknowledgment, i realised that the invoice name was input incorrectly hence i immediately wrote an email to their customer service and the email which sent me the acknowledgment. I also followed-up with a call to their toll-free number. I had little hope of the possibility of making the change but the personnel who attended to me confirmed that it can be done as long as the invoice has not been billed.
    I did everything according to his advice but it has been almost 3 months now and no one has replied me despite writing to the customer service email. I know someone mans it because it initially replied me with advice on the exact documents required for my request. But once i sent in everything, no reply or acknowledgment whatsoever!
    I have sent many requests for update and can't even call to follow-up because oddly enough, Dells customer service trainer teaches staff to use a generic customer service email but not sign their name.
    How queer is that? is it some ploy to deflect responsibility or ignore emails when they wish to? So no one needs to take responsibility if there are disputes with customers because they can't trace who attended them?
    No Dell website in the world has an email to write to. All use website forms which as predicted, no one responses to.
    It is appalling to note that a multinational company like this has such bad service. Take a leaf out of some of your peers please! Whether your response to me is to allow my request or reject it due to your internal policies, it is COMMON COURTESY to reply! My experience is worse because i know someone is manning that email. If no one responded to my email in the first place, at least i can make a conclusion that - oh ok, service is bad. But to answer some of my emails and then disappear just leaves a worse after taste.
    Anyway, i hope someone from Dell USA is reading this and check on Dell Malaysia's practice. It's giving you a bad name.

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  • Su
      Jun 03, 2016
    Dell - Worst Customer service

    I got a problem with my Dell Inspiron laptop. First I called up the technical support and they asked for snapshots and all so I went to the Service centre as such. Then ppl discussing with the tecgnical support gave a quotation for 12, 700 and technical suport guy asked me take a laptop with not givin in service centre. So I took it back paying 12, 700. After that I mailed him with the snapshot of my bank transaction and no calls/replies from him for a week. I checked with technical support daily. They told after 5 days that it has re cretified. After that I paid again 14, 500 for Break fix warranty. Till now no calls from him. Each time I call the technical support and explain the same thing to every person and it has been escalated many times. Even though nothing is done. My money is also not refunded. Technician has not came to my place yet.

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