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Dell Laptop / bad business

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I ordered a Dell Laptop and a wireless mouse. Dell sent out the wireless mouse right away. I got my laptop about 6 weeks later. The laptop didn't do what it was suppose to do. I sent the laptop and the mouse back. They gave me credit for the laptop but would not give me credit for the mouse. Now without the laptop I didn;t need a wireless mouse. Dell said I ordered it I had to pay for it, because I had the mouse to long. Well my thoughts are i didn't need them to drop ship the mouse with out the laptop, but they did. So I have refused to pay for the mouse or to do business with Dell every again. I have a Dell desk top and have enjoyed it. But I refuse to do business with a company to practise bad business practices. Dell is a big Company I can't believe I got treated this way.

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      27th of May, 2009
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    Dell, Inc and the world class customer service they still fail to deliver to you the consumer

    This weekend, May 23, 2009, I went to and purchased my wife a new Studio 15” laptop. The total after all of the specials for the holiday came to 1948.00 less shipping and handling which I charged to my Dell Preferred account. By the time my wife finally decided on all of the specifications of the computer I felt good that she purchased a robust machine to fit her needs.

    Memorial Day, May 25, 2009, I receive a phone call from Dell Customer Support (ironic name for what they actually do) and was informed that my original order had been cancelled in full because I failed to call Dell Financial and approve the amount being charged to my account. This phone call was due to a newly implemented security measure to protect my Dell Preferred account from fraudulent charges, which tells me recently Dell has received a large number of charge backs. To correct this, the analyst who called me offered to re-submit my order and would transfer me to Dell Financial services, and would also reduce the overall charge on the unit to 1780.00 less shipping and taxes. So I agreed to this and spoke with Dell Financial to approve the amount of 1780.00 less shipping and taxes.

    Today due to my misplaced trust in large organizations I checked to make sure I was being charged the appropriate amount I agreed to. When I went to my account page I found that I was not being charged the amount I had agreed to, but instead the amount of the first order which I was told had been cancelled entirely. While at work I began my ordeal of talking to outsourced customer service and Dell financial representatives who keep telling me that in less than 24 hours on a holiday weekend my unit had already been put into production and could not be cancelled. This was of course after talking for nearly 7 hours to 27 different people 5 of which were managers. The story changed from one person to the next from the first order was what I would be charged to all my orders were cancelled and no money was charged to me. The only way I could get to resolve this was to reject the shipment and wait 31 days for the amount to be refunded in which time of course I would have one payment due, or they could ship me in the next 7-10 days the form to open a fraud investigation into their own company. The latter seemed ridiculous since the unit would arrive and have to be rejected in this time also.
    I just found it a hard pill to swallow that in a company the size of Dell I couldn’t find one person that could fix the price I was being charged in error to satisfy a customer who has spent a lot of money for a home user and upcoming IT professional. I did take it upon myself to find the company directory, so for everyone looking for it try and do a search of Dell. I called myself and left messages for Peter Botelho, Vice President of Credit (512-728-5561) and I think his assistant along with Eric Sommer, Director of Finance Dell Relationship Services (512-723-9981). If need be I will start calling all of Dells Vice Presidents and move to their C level executives until someone fixes the charge on my account or cancels it so I can finally move to Apple, who would have fixed this issue in one phone call.

    I also filed my complaints with the Better Business Bureau and the Texas State Attorney’s office over the fact that Dell can protect me from fraudulent charges while in turn making fraudulent charges to my account. Looking at it why would I worry about someone unknown person charging items on my account when the company itself will make sure I pay for items I had not purchased or approved. I also wonder being an IT professional how secure my information with Dell REALLY is if they can make such a large mistake and not take ownership to correct it. I would be willing to bet that any novice hacker out there could within a week email me with my own information they got from Dell with little to no problem at all. My decision to go Mac has now been solidified and may as an individual pose no problem to Dell, but looking through the web I have found thousands and hundreds of posts from people just like me who no longer want to be a customer of a company with such horrendous business practices and tactics.
    Just for you to enjoy check some of these links out: (don’t listen to support call the people who can fix your stuff) (interesting video wouldn’t need these folks if you truly delivered a great product)

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