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I bought an extended warranty on my Dell, Dimension 510 with Windows XP, in February, 2006, The past few months I have been hearing a, 'Grinding" noise coming from the tower. Dell sent someone to replace the hard drive. A week later, I started hearing a tapping noise. I called Dell & was told that they are going to replace my computer. The new computer is a refubished, "Inspiron" D 530, with Windows 7. I researched that computer & Dell no longer makes it. Additionally, their tech support advised me that the refurbished computer is not comaptible with my Dell 924 printer.
I don't think it's fair of Dell to replace my computer with one that is obsolete. If they replace it with aWindows 7 because Windows XP is no longer available, then they ought to replace my computer with a new er comouter. Additionally, I feel that Dell should replace my Alli n one printer. They sell them, after discount, for $50. They can afford the $50 more than I can. I've been on fixed income due to disability for the past 13 years.

Would you please help me resolve this issue with Dell. Thank you.

Bassam juzdan

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