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bus transportation

This bus transportation should be closed, it is not responsible enough. It always bring kids late to school, kids education is very important they should arrive to school on time. Its not like 1 or 2 times a month its like 2-3 times a week kids are late to school. When another bus route isn't in service, another bus route goes and pick up the other kids including its own bus route making everyone delayed to school or back. Sometimes the previous customer older kids would get on the bus free and bully the smaller kids out of their seats. The bus driver doesn't say anything about it. Today [protected] the bus company is not running WTF. Parents should not have to worry about their kids getting to school and back from school if they are paying 3, 000 dollars a year for bus transportation. This COMPANY IS NOT RIGHT. SHOULD NOT BE OPERATION IF ITS LIKE THIS.

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    Port Parent Mar 09, 2011

    I live near their location, and I can tell you, they have a lot of buses. My kids have used their service for years, and I never had any problems, but i'm sure any company that size is going to run into a few issues. With any bus company, if you have a problem with the service, talk to the company. If it doesn't get straightened out by them, well then you have a complaint. Talk to the school and the school district, and I'm sure you'll get action.

    As you can see in the link below, 2/11/10 was a snow day. If you're concerned at all about your children's safety, second guessing weather your child might have made it safely to school in unsafe conditions doesn't seem very productive.


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